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NFS Pro Street takes the Gold-Review

At the beginning of November was a Community Day at Electronic Arts Black Box in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I (Shocker) couldn't make it this time, but gladly Sinister was so kind to let us publish his Review here at NFS-Planet. In this article you can read his impressions and experiences with Need for Speed ProStreet:

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Multiplayer Overview

The Multiplayer is setup into three different styles of racedays. Solo, which is known as Asynchronous. Co-op, which is Two players on the same console, or Multiplayer, which is Synchronous up to 8 players online at a time. First we will start with the ASync.

Asynchronous racedays are created for online competition with your friends that cannot be online at the same time, they have the option to race any time and try to beat your score or time. They can download your shadows to see how you have done it, or to see how your race was won. John Doyle, had downloaded my Mustang GT500 shadow for Drag racing because he just could not believe that I had such an unbelievable monster racing on the track.
The races are tallied and scored accordingly, and show up in a points list, either showing just your "friends" who have raced, or everyone who has taken on your challenge. Sadly I was 1800 points shy of beating the Developers challenge EA had setup for our community day. John had to go back and race a few extra times just to get his score up to squeak past me just at the end of the day. (Good Job John, Well played :P )

Co-op, is essentially that, two players racing on the same console. We had not tried this mode at the community day, so unfortunately there is not much to discuss.

Synchronous Racedays, are entirely similar to ASync Racedays, except the fact you're playing live with up to eight people. If you cannot have eight people racing all at once, you would have AI competators introduced and fill up whatever spots are empty. Also, with the Sync Races you have a 2 minute lobby time, which is used to swap cars, if nessesary, or for the alternating leader host to change the options for which race is next. After players sit idle for 5 seconds, the timer speeds up to 10 seconds, and the quit game is locked out, so you cannot quit the match, keeping players from disconnecting last second.

Overwall Challenge

I must say, compared to the lack of challenge Carbon had brought to the table, ProStreet is a welcome sight, right from the beginning you must work and fight your way through each race to win. Challenging AI, who can make mistakes just as easily as you can, crashing, missing lines, taking corners too wide, all make the play value of PS worth its name. The harder you set the game in your initial selection, will determine how competative the AI are. I reccomend everyone race on King Mode for the ultimate challenge. And of course, the online racing will be as competative as your friends and you make it.


Yes, I have hyped ProStreet to be the god of all racing games, but of course, not everything is as great as it should be, there were a few downfalls with dropped some points for EA this year. Sadly the Synchronous multiplayer was a little laggy at the beginning, but once the racers started spreading out, the lag seemed to disappear. The lack of replay, is a very sad feature left out this year, but understandable, EA claims that the replay memory wasn't properly replaying the damage the way it was originally in the game, so they still want to work on it, a high probability that it will be in the next installment of NFS. The damage wasnt as extensive as original teaser trailer had made it out to be, but again, this could be a part with the fact that alot of general users just would not enjoy the game if they couldnt proceed through the game very easily. Alot of players would be frustrated to have to continually repair their cars, especially with wheels falling off and the likes, Damage was originally too heavy, but now, its just a little too light. Next year, they'll have a happy medium. The last real downfall I noticed was the lack of entering the pause menu during a crash, I'd have liked to be able to restart a race when I crash, or even go into the photomode and shoot a picture of a wild and crazy wreck, but that just didnt happen this year. This is a suggestion already in the mailbox for next years installment.

So I shall conclude this goldreview, which most of you will have either skimmed through, or hung on to every word, hopefully affirming your opinion on what Prostreet will really be like this year, and I hope to see alot of you in the online org challenges that we the community will start setting up nearing the beginning of December. And I would like to thank all the gamers for continually supporting EA and the NFS franchise for another great release, and hope you will continue to do so for the many years to come.

My Rating.


And for a special bonus to those who have read the entire review, EA and SpikeTV have worked on releasing an hour long documentary called "The Birth of ProStreet" which describes the culture of Sanctioned racing, along with alot of actual game footage from the game itself, and how EA used realtime racedays in order to help give the game its needed research. The documentary airs on SpikeTV Nov10 @ 1am EST.

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- Sinister

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