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Need for Speed The Run Q&A

Need for Sped The Run was presented to the community behind closed doors at the Gamescom 2011. We used the opportunity to get a glimpse of the game and get some answers to your questions.
Junkie was at the presentation with Jason DeLong and was able to play an early version of the game:

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Which game modes will be included in the game?

The main goal for the player is reaching New York before all other participants, so the classic "circuit races" don't really fit in the concept "Race for your life". Most events have the goal to overtake the 200 participants and constantly trying to get a better position.

The Independence Pass-Event is a good example and shows that the game offers a wide variety of gameplay, as you don't race just against your enemy but also for your life, because you have to look out not to be buried under the avalanches. (When you're too slow, the race will be interrupted.)

Will there be free-roam?

When racing for your life and trying to be the first in New York, you don't have much time for sightseeing - so no, there won't be free-roam. Even when escaping from the police, (as seen in the Chicago-Trailer) you have a predefined route - of course shortcuts and alternate routes are not excluded.

Can you choose the events in the career (maybe on the map?), or do you follow a straight storyline and have to finish the events one after another?

In order to continue the story, you have to reach the next section of the route, which means the events will follow quite linear. Although, maybe there's time for some side-events..?

What about a Quickrace Mode aside from the career?

You can always race the already finished events of the career multiple times. Additionally with your increasing driver level (you get xp points for overtakes, drifts and wrecked cops) you can unlock further cars and races in a Challenge-Series. Unfortunately there is not much known about that yet.

What types of tracks can we expect?

The route through the USA has a wide variety and goes through city areas, snowy mountains, farmlands and deserts, just as they exist in the real world.

Can you tell us something about the multiplayer mode?

In the multiplayer mode in Need for Speed: The Run up to 12-16 players can race against each other. The game will feature some all-new game modes, but apart from that the producers don't wanted to reveal much.

What about the damage model?

The damage model looks similar to the one in Hot Pursuit and seems quite detailed. In the test-version, smaller crashes didn't have any influence on the performance of the car. When you total your car (like hitting the falling rocks at the Independence Pass) the replay-feature comes to action and sets the race back to the last checkpoint, allowing you a limited number of retries.

What are the PC system requirements?

You can say: "If you can run Battlefield, you can also play The Run" ...but expect more detailed specifications later.

How is working with the Frostbite 2.0-Engine?

The qualities of the Frostbite 2.0-engine are in the areas of audio, rendering and the destruction possibilities of the environment - which is used by the developers as seen in the Independence Pass-Level.
The new tools of the engine allow the developers to speed up the development process in specific areas and raise the bar for quality criterions.

Will there be limitations? (Battlefield 3 doesn't support DX9 and no Windows XP)

Unfortunately, since Frostbite 2.0 doesn't support DirectX 9 / Windows XP you will need at least Windows Vista.

What about DirectX 11 support?

The Run will feature high-resultion textures according to today's PC hardware, but DirectX 11 effects in specific weren't mentioned by the producers.

Do you have to switch cars all the time during the career, or will you be able to keep some in some kind of "Garage"?

Unfortunately a garage doesn't fit in the concept of a race all through the USA. Additionally, at some specific events (like the police car at the escape-sequence in Chicago) you may not even be able to choose a car.

What about visual and/or technical tuning?

During the game it can happen from time to time, that you lose your car (as seen in the Chicago-Trailer), which means you won't be very happy if this happens to your beloved car, in which you invested so much time to tune it.
The customization may will be limited to the selection of the color of your car.

Will there be a demo? If yes, also for PC?

The release of a demo is being considered, but the main goal of the developers is delivering a perfect game on release date.

Can you tell us something about the cars in the game?

The number of cars wasn't mentioned, but it should be an adequate number like in previous NFS games. Some "new" classic Muscle Cars might be included, as well as current models like the all-new Porsche 991.

How large will be the world in NFS: The Run sein?

Expect more than 300 km tracks all throughout the USA.

Is NFS: The Run also being released for the upcoming PlayStation Vita?

There are no plans about that yet.

What about splitscreen?

A splitscreen mode is missing, as well as a cockpit camera.

Will there be a catch-up-/rubberband-effect?

Being subjective, in the test version we were able to play, it didn't feel like such an effect is present. But keep in mind you will be able to select four different difficulty levels.

What about the driving physics?

Different from Criterion's Hot Pursuit you should be careful and hit the brakes before going around corners - also successful drifts are not so easy.
. The cars have a very direct reaction on the steering and especially the different grounds and their effect on the handling feels well done. When using nitro on gravel it's a waste of energy and easily ends in spinning your cars; on ice you will have difficulties to get enough grip.
To sum up, the handling takes a step into the realism-direction, without limiting the fun and game experience. You notice that a former producer of DIRT 2 and GRID is part of the development team of Need for Speed: The Run.

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- Junkie

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