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The latest NFS game Need for Speed Undercover is currently in development and will be released at the end of November 2008. NFS-Planet visited EA Black Box in Vancouver and got some impressions of the upcoming racing game. Junkie writes in this article, what you can expect in Need for Speed Undercover: :

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Musik & Sound

I personally think it's quite understandable why Need for Speed won many AIAS awards for outstanding sound design in the past. However, EA Black Box don't rest on their laurels, but rather increased efforts for the sound production of the game. Not only the shootings for Undercover were executed with help from Hollywood, but also the musical coulisse was set up consulting Paul Haslinger, composer for movies like Underworld and Minority Report or the TV series Sleeper Cell.

Like in Most Wanted, the background music is arranged depending on the situation. To allow a greater distinguish between the individual race types , you will only be listening to a certain choice of music in every mode - Highway Battle, for instance, contains several intense and propulsive composed percussion rhythms. As usual, there will be a bunch of licensed music from different artists, too, but it might be the case that only some extracts of them will be used to support certain ingame situations. For example, in an arrest sequence after a failed getaway try the Nine Inch Nails were carried curtly. So it was great importance attached on the player not getting his brain blasted away, but on solely supporting certain events during race and achieving a perfect balance between engine sound and music. That's why there won't be a option to import your own music files into the game, it is simply too difficult to integrate such files into this system in the right way.

Police radio traffic is also renewed. It will be possible to notice a real progress in cop talk during a pursuit as well as differences between common cops and more experienced guys like FBI agents.
The audio recordings for Undercover took five weeks spent in sound studios and on closed off roads. The conventional method to realize different rpms or even different cars just by meddling with a synthesizer like being used in Test Drive Unlimited is not utilized by Black Box. Instead this different approach is themed "audio follows physics" and will stand by the car physics very close to realistic without the need to fake anything, as the developers said.

Overall, I'm really impressed by the quality of sound the game delivers. Especially the differences between half and full throttle (more upcoming) are audible through the engines' reactions indeed. I am only afraid that most gamers, notably those using a PC, won't be able to enjoy these sound effects since it is obvious that adequate hardware is required.

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- Junkie

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