NFSMW: Get the console-demo in North America Thursday, 29.09.2005
NFSMWThe gates are open again. Last week we reported how to get the demo of Need for Speed Most Wanted for console directly from Electronic Arts. Then there was a stop, because too many requested, but now it's possible again to request a demo of Need for Speed Most Wanted, but unfortunately only in North America and no PAL versions:

Ok, peeps. Let's open the gates again. Please remember the following:
1) US/Canada only. If you don't live in these countries, please don't fill up my e-mail box unnecessarily. I have no idea on PAL versions, or any other. If I get that info, I'll let you know. But for now, NA only.
2) Please include your mailing address. Not an e-mail address and no PO boxes, please. Sending your e-mail address, while kind of you, doesn't help at all.
3) I'm sending the list out for mailing pretty much every 2-3 days. Processing takes about another 4-6 days after that. So for sake of answering the "When will I get it question", guestimate about 1-2 weeks.
4) If I get one more questiona bout the PC demo, I'll never release it. (Ok, that's not true.) But seriously, it'll be done when it's done. Look for it closer to game ship. That's all I can say at the moment.

Ok, rock on!

~ Smoothie

Here is the text from last week with all important information:

Hey Guys,

We're going to do some demo fulfillment internally for the first 100 gamers. If you are interested in obtaining a demo for XBOX and PlayStation 2 ONLY (sorry, no NGC or PC), then please do the following:

Send ONE e-mail to with Demo Request in the subject line.

In that e-mail, include the following:
Mailing Address
Platform Version (Xbox or PS2)

That should do it. Demos will be mailed on a weekly basis, so expect it within two weeks of your e-mail request.

Couple things to note:
1) Our team is doing this manually, so while there may be a couple kinks in the system, we'll try to get as many out as quickly as possible.
2) We'd like to start off small to ensure we'll be able to manage the number of requests. This is why we're starting w/ 100 only. We plan on opening this up after we get the process streamlined. If you're number 101, you'll be first in line when we start up again.
3) Apologies to our international brethren. Right now we can only support North America (yes, Canada, that means you.)
4) Only one e-mail request per person. Those who spam are subject to e-mail deletion.

Alright. With the "rules" out of the way, let's get it on!

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Comments (4)

#4: von Saentist (30.09.2005 23:04)

#3: von GangstaRican (30.09.2005 12:07) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
ok thx

#2: von Shocker (29.09.2005 17:49) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
No, as it seems they do it for free


#1: von GangstaRican (29.09.2005 12:45) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
do u hav to pay for it?

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