NFS Hot Pursuit: Interview with Craig Sullivan Friday, 08.10.2010
NFS Hot PursuitThe onlinemagazine Gamerzines sat down with Craig Sullivan, Criterion Games' Creative Director and talked about the upcoming Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

Craig Sullivan explains the concept behind Autolog, the inspirations and the connection to Facebook. He also mentions the missing connection in Autolog between the different consoles -> there will be a website, where you'll be able to compare times between Xbox 360 and PS3 accounts, but unfortunately not directly in the game.

Then he talks about the development of Need for Speed and the difference to Burnout:

Hot Pursuit is always going to be compared to Criterionís work on Burnout. Would you like the opportunity to work on Need For Speed again, or would you prefer to go and revisit Burnout?

Thatís a really hard question. Thatís like asking someone to choose between their kids [laughs]. These games are a year and a half of your life; Burnout Paradise was actually two years, and every game is always a reflection of who you are at that point in time. Do I like Burnout more than I like Need For Speed? No. I like them both equally because theyíre both the best I could do to give people a fun game regardless of whether or not itís called Burnout, Need For Speed, Black, a game about jellyÖ you always pour your heart into it.

Would I like to make another Burnout game? Yes. Would I like to make another Need For Speed game? Yes. Would I like to make something completely different to both of those? Yes. I like making games, itís the coolest job in the world. As long as I think itís fun, itís exciting, it plays to our strengths, and I think people want it, then there are loads of games that we are yet to make that we will do.

Why is this a Need For Speed game and not a Burnout game? Whatís the difference between the two to you?

The one big difference is real cars. In Burnout we had to design our own cars in-house, which is fun because you can come up with pretty much anything. But also Iíve always been a fan of Need For Speed and real cars, so it was great to come into work and say Ďguess what weíre going to do todayí. Weíve got a big list of all the manufacturers from around the world, thereís 1,000 cars we could have in the game, letís go through a list and start to choose some really cool ones. That was a really good day.

So itís working with real cars, itís working with a lot of the really talented guys weíve now actually got to work with, both in terms of the way the marketing works and the franchise is run. But also a part of it is, itís Need For Speed. Itís part of my life growing up as a fan of games. To me itís a bit like working on Star Wars. I donít really want to make a Star Wars game, maybe I will, I donít know. Iíve always wanted to make a Need For Speed game. Burnout, Need For Speed, Criterion, it has to be something special and that we all believe in.

You can find the complete interview here:

» Interview with Craig Sullivan @ Gamerzines

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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