Need for Speed Movie coming? Friday, 13.04.2012
NFS The RunAccording to Variety Electronic Arts is pushing to bring the brand Need for Speed to the theatres and create a Need for Speed Movie! Writer John Gatins ("Real Steel") assembled a package whose script is currently being shopped around Hollywood.

Warner Bros., Sony and Paramount showed interest and are looking to offer low seven figures. Paramount is said to be a frontrunner, but other bids are still being considered. Only Universal stays out of the race, having already their own brand with "Fast and the Furios" whose sixth installment starts lensing later this year.

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#6: von sgtskid (20.04.2012 01:50) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
Okay, here's the truth about that. With Fast and Furious 6 coming out next year and 7 close behind, what make you think people would wanna watch a game based racing movie. Justin Lin has to be going into histarics, I know I am.....

#5: von djirie (15.04.2012 19:12) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
True Story???

Maybe they can tell the true story, how they suck at building good racing games since Most Wanted, and hope to get better............NOT!

#4: von GPReS (13.04.2012 18:49) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
The current tendency to remake old movies (e.g. Total Recall) and to create movies based on video games is the most pathetic thing that ever happened with cinematography.
EA should work on improving NFS games (e.g. The RUN is so facepalm of a game, it has lots of unrealized potential, that was simply killed), EA support is useless for the majority of the problems, their anticheat policy is dead.
So they should work on games and not pick their noses into moviemaking, because I can bit 1000$ - they will fail.
And to sum up - "The fast and the furious" is already made several years ago and hasl ots of common things with Underground, U2, MW etc.
They should better not make a bigger mockery of themselves.
Sorry, but that's what I think.

#3: von alexsilviu (13.04.2012 16:28) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
Are u serious??

I hope it will be something from most wanted/carbon not this last parts with shitty the run and undercover.
I would like to see nfs world in a movie,wouldn't it be great?? =)) )

fact of life ... after monday and tuesday even the calendar says W T F

#2: von Johnnnyboy15nl (13.04.2012 10:30) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
I'm a huge Need For Speed fan, bud how is this gonna be a AAA-Movie.. I mean, come on! Sty with games, invest that money into the Need For Speed series, not into a stupit movie! And btw EA... Need For Speed: The Run din't that good, the best NFS games where Hot Pursuit-series, High Stakes, Underground-series and Most Wanted... And probably the NFS Criterion Games is making for this year will be a hit once again, we will see at E3..

#1: von xturbo (13.04.2012 10:10) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
That would suck. actually. Seeing how hollywood goes with the game movies, a NFS movie wouldn't be that good. Ryan Cooper? meh. Undercover crappyness? meh. The Run storyline? meh.

I'd however like to see a Most Wanted adaptation, but not a full hollywood movie. I don't thrust those guys after what they did to Doom and Max Payne :/

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