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NFS 7: Questions to EA Wednesday, 30.07.2003
Jtace from Racerplanet wants make a Q&A session with "Jon", the community manager of EA Need for Speed Underground, and is collecting some good questions, so if you want to ask anything specific, don't hesitate to post it.

I personally am a little bit sceptic...let's see how good a "community manager" can answer detailed questions of the game. Well anyway it won't be bad to post your questions here:

» Racerplanet Q&A Session - Question Collection
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NFS 6: First converted car Saturday, 26.07.2003
Honda CRX Del SolViper_GTS recently published the first 3d-modified car for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. It is his originally for Need for Speed 4 created Honda CRX Del Sol. Download and description you can find in the cars-section:

» NFS 6: Addon-Cars
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NFS 7: Interview with Chris Lee Wednesday, 23.07.2003
Need for Speed UndergroundThe onlinemagazine "Computer and" could make an interview with Chris Lee, the product manager of Electronic Arts, about Need for Speed Underground last week.

What's changed with this latest edition of Need For Speed?

The Need For Speed franchise has traditionally been about exotic supercars, Ferraris and Lamborginis and Porsches. With this version of the game we decided to hit the tuner culture, so there's a lot of imported vehicles, some domestic vehicles, and it's really about customising the car and then racing that car on the streets.

So instead of just having this fictional car that you get and you don't modify, you just take on the open road, we're putting you in an urban environment with a fully modifiable vehicle.

» Interview with Chris Lee<br>
» ND4SPDWorld (Source)
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NFS 6: OIF Tool! Monday, 21.07.2003
OIF ToolArushan finally made the long awaited OIF Tool available for the public, and created a plugin for the ZModeler.

For explanation: The cars in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 are stored in the .o files. With the new OIF Tool you are able to convert these files in an for editors readable format called .oif. With the ZModeler Plugin you can import this .oif file into the 3D editing tool ZModeler, where you can edit the car. Once your car is finished, you can of curse convert the file back into the in NFS Hot Pursuit 2 used .o format.

All useful links you can find here:
Additionally to the downloads there is also a manual available about car editing in NFS Hot Pursuit 2, which should answer most of your questions.

» Download OIF Tool & ZModeler Plugin
» Download ZModeler
» NFS HP 2 Car Editing
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NFS 7: Preview @ GameSpy Sunday, 20.07.2003
Need for Speed UndergroundThe onlinemagazine GameSpy could test a playable version of Need for Speed Underground, and they wrote down their impressions in an article:

» NFS 7: Preview @ GameSpy
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NFS 7: Further information Wednesday, 16.07.2003
Need for Speed UndergroundThe onlinemagazine HomeLan wrote a preview of Need for Speed Underground. Compared to the two previews of Gamespot and IGN, this one contains new background information:

So there will be a ton of available paint jobs, decals spoilers, bumpers and more for decorative and practical purposes. HomeLan asked if there might be a way for PC gamers to put in their own custom decals and our EA rep for the game said it was being considered but that feature might not get into the final version. (Maybe a patch/tool or something like that?)

Further they mention that EA decided to keep out police of Need for Speed Underground! Therefore the career mode will have a story which contains characters and even bosses that the player will have to defeat in races.

The game itself is set in one large fictitious city which our EA rep said gave the game’s designers more freedom to make environments they wanted to race in rather than be constricted to a real world city’s streets. Cars will also have damage done to them like scratches and dents in the game.
(So we can expect not to see any more damage than in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2...)

HomeLan was told that the PC version is about a couple of weeks behind the console versions in development but the hope is that all versions will be released at around the same time. (this fall 2003)

» HomeLan: NFS Underground Impressions (Source)
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NFS 6: 8 new Cars Sunday, 13.07.2003
Ferrari F360 LMToday I added 8 new cars for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and additionally a skinpack for the Ferrari Z.E.R.O.. All cars are made by RobinCZ. The complete list of the added cars you can find here:

- Ford Mustang Z.E.R.O. Type X
- Vauxhall VX220 ZERO
- Ferrari ZERO II
- Ferrari F360 R
- Ferrari Z.E.R.O.
- Ferrari F360 LM
- Porsche 911 [STREET]
- Porsche 911 Z.E.R.O.

Download and further information you can find in the cars-section. You may also want to visit the website of RobinCZ. :)

» NFS 6: Addon-Cars
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NFS 7: Preview at Gamespot & IGN Thursday, 10.07.2003
Need for Speed UndergroundThe onlinemagazine Gamespot could test at the EA Camp 2003 a demo of Need for Speed Underground, and descrines its first impressions in a short preview. Above all the graphics and special effects have been emphasized. The development theam brought in a visual-effects supervisorfrom Industrial Light and Magic who worked on the pod race sequence in Star Wars: Episode I and special-effects sequences in other films.
The Tuning possibilities are enormous, and you can change the look of the car (like for example the neon lights on the bottom of the car). But Electronic Arts wanted to make sure that the vehicles were actually representative of the kind of cars that modern street racers use.
NFS Underground will have the gameplay modes "Drag Race", "Career" and "Circuit Race" and in the PC- and PS2 version there will be a multiplayermode. The game will feature one more additional mode, but EA has chosen not to reveal it at this time.
"Career" and "Curcuit Race" are quite self-explaining. In "Drag Race" you have to drive with your car at high speed down a straightway while avoiding various types of obstacles and making jumps off strategically placed ramps. In this type of race, it is crucial to shift properly, since it gives you a slight boost in speed, and, of course, using your nitrous when there are not any obstacles in sight can also be beneficial.

Update: Also IGN could take a look at Need for Speed Underground, and wrote an article about its features.

» Gamespot
» IGN article
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NFS 7: 7 new Screenshots (PS2, Xbox) Wednesday, 09.07.2003
Need for Speed Underground (Xbox)Electronic Arts released some new screenshots of Need for Speed Underground. On the whole there are 5 new Playstation 2 pictures, which show the first time the HUD, and also two screenshots of the Xbox version of NFS Underground are available!

» NFS 7: Screenshots
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NFS 7: New Releasedate Wednesday, 09.07.2003
Need for Speed UndergroundElectronic Arts announced a new releasedate of Need for Speed Underground. Originally it was slated for release in early 2004, but the game will be released this fall 2003!

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