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NFSU2: Custom Car Contest Wednesday, 30.06.2004
NFS Underground 2Electronic Arts is searching fpr 10 vinyls, which are made by users and will find their way in the final game.
The exact description you can find here:

» Custom Car Contest
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NFSU2: New Screenshots Wednesday, 30.06.2004
Electronic Arts published four new screenshots of Need for Speed Underground 2.

You can find the new pictures here:

» NFSU2: Screenshots
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NFS U: Voicepack for the TJ Cheat Detector Tuesday, 29.06.2004
[TD]Cappuccino created a Voicepack for the TJ Cheatdetector, which contains some new german speeches.
Download in the tools-section, under the TJ Cheat Detector.

» NFS U: Tools
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NFSU2: Pictures of Sound Recording Tuesday, 29.06.2004
Sound RecordingThe website published some pictures of the sound recording of Electronic Arts for Need for Speed Underground 2. The fotos show the recording of the engine sound of a 350Z and that also audio technicians can have fun at their work. ;)

» NFSU2: Sound Recording
» NFSU2: Screenshots
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NFSU2: Demo coming soon Monday, 28.06.2004
NFS Underground 2Our affiliate asked at EA about a demoversion of Need for Speed Underground 2. The reply was the following:


Thanks for your e-mail. To answer your question, a PS2 demo should be available late July/early August. A PC demo will be available later in the summer as we get closer to launch.

» (Source)
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NFSU2: Trailer also here Friday, 25.06.2004
As we already reported, IGN published a trailer of Need for Speed Underground 2. Since some days you can also download the 11 MB big trailer also from here. Because some may didn't noticed, I wanted to call attention to the fact that the trailer is also available from our ftp server:

» NFSU2: Movies
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NFSU2: Interview with Chuck Osieja Movie Friday, 25.06.2004
Chuck OsiejaGamespy made an interview with Chuck Osieja, the executive producer of Need for Speed Underground 2.
The interview is quite interesting. He talks about performance and visual upgrades. The last one will be similar to Need for Speed Underground 1. In the game there will be about 50 different performance parts, you can tune on your car.

Additionally Chuck mentions the Outrun mode (300m distance - we already reported), which can happen everywhere, because in the city there are driving other tuner cars, you can challenge to drive a race. These Outrun races could last 20 minutes, depending on the area. If you win, you get money and respect, but also information about new challenges or offers in the city.

Chuck emphasizes, that Need for Speed Underground 2 won't be just an Add-On of its predecessor, but a new game, which is also proved by the new open-world principle.

As multiplayermode there will be, as we already reported, the onlinemode and the LAN mode for PC. Te closer the shipping date comes, EA will publish more information about the game modes.

On the whole the movie is 160 MB, but who is interested, and understands english, should watch it:

» Download Interview @ FilePlanet
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NFS U: Drift Tutorial Wednesday, 23.06.2004
Marshen made a video on the drift track 2 and he wrote a tutorial, how you can make good drifts.
You can find the text and the video in the tutorials-section:

» NFS U: Tutorials
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NFSU2: Interview @ 1UP Wednesday, 23.06.2004
The onlinemagazine 1up made an interview with the executive producer of Need for Speed Underground 2, Chuck Osieja. Apart from the differnces between the predecessor and the new features, he also talks about the multiplayer mode:

1UP: Are you looking at compatibility between the online mode in the different versions, PS2, Xbox, and PC?

Osieja: Definitely not on Xbox. We're currently deciding whether we want to do cross-platform multiplayer between PS2 and PC again. For us, it was neat that we were the first game to do it, we got pretty good feedback, but there's always issues with cheating and modification in the PC version.

Our biggest thing this year, though, is that we're going on Xbox Live. Every review I see, every negative thing I saw, usually tied into the fact that there was no Xbox Live. I mean, I don't make that decision, so it's nice that we could come to an agreement with them. And anything extra we develop for Xbox Live will be available on the PS2 and PC as well, so we've got some technologies we've built that will go across all three version.

Another online feature, which we haven't been talking about much yet, is that we will do LAN play for PC, which we didn't do last year. The European territories really clamored for that -- in Germany, they really love the LAN play. And you'll be able to play any of the modes, including the new modes, online as well as offline. [...]

For further details, read the interview:

» Chuck Osieja Interview @ 1UP
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NFSU2: New Screenshots Sunday, 20.06.2004
NFS Underground 2Electronic Arts released some new screenshots of Need for Speed Underground 2. Some of them were already published by IGN, but there are also 4 new pictures. You can find them all in the screenshots-section:

» NFS U2: Screenshots
» Zu den neuen Screenshots
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