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NFSU2: Interview with Brooke Burke Saturday, 31.07.2004
NfS Underground 2Electronic Arts published an Interview with Brooke Burke. She talks about Need For Speed Underground 2.

» Interview with Brooke Burke
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Info: Holidays Friday, 30.07.2004
Well, I'm going on holidays now. For the enxt couple of weeks until the beginning of September Locutus will inform you. He did well in moderating the board, so I am sure he'll do great in moderating NFS-Planet.
Later Aradli will give him a hand. Many thanks in advance, guys. :)
Italy, I'm coming! *g*

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NFSU2: Releasedate Friday, 30.07.2004
NfS Underground 2Electronic Arts announced, that the shipping date of the Playstation 2 version of Need for Speed Underground 2 will be on November 12th, 2004.
All PC and other console owners may will have to wait a little longer.

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NFSU2: Column - "Online Play in Underground 2" Friday, 30.07.2004
NfS Underground 2Justin Wiebe, Associate Producer of Need for Speed Underground 2 wrote an article on the official NfS Underground 2 website, where he gives us some details of the onlinemode
So it will be possible for up to 6 players race at the same time, instead of only 4 in the predecessor. Additionally the lobbysystem has been overworked and should be much more user-friendly now.
The "Outrun mode" will be online playable. So 4 players can race against each other, and who first gets his opponents 300m behind him, wins.

And this one should be interesting:
"One of the most interesting decisions in this year’s game was to move away from the typical online ranking boards in favor of something a little more rewarding. I personally found myself last year logging onto Underground 1 for a few hours of racing only to discover I had only moved up 43 spots still leaving me well into 7000th spot, not very motivating. This year we have developed a new system that will not only see players work their way through 60 different ranking boards but will challenge them to rise to the ultimate goal of achieving Elite in each mode."

» The Inside Track #1 - "Online Play in Underground 2"
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NFSU2: Soundtracks Thursday, 29.07.2004
NfS Underground 2Who wants to know which music will be played in Need for Speed Underground 2, should take a look in our new section.

In the demoversion the following 3 songs are played. As soon as more songs will be announced, we will extend the list.

  • Notice of Eviction - The Bronx - The Bronx
  • Switch/Twitch - Fluke - Puppy
  • The Keys to Life vs. 15 Minutes to Fame - Atmosphere - Seven's Travels

» NFSU2: Musik
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NFSU2: Our new Video Wednesday, 28.07.2004
We got the Demo Version of Need For Speed Underground 2 from Electronic Arts. We made a little testing session on our PS2 and we couldn't resist to make a small movie. You will find it in the Movie Section.

» NFSU2: Movies
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NFSU2: New Screenshots Wednesday, 28.07.2004
NfS Underground 2On the official website of Need for Speed Underground 2 Electronic Arts published 4 screenshots. Unfortunately three of them are already in our screenshots section for some time, so the only new picture is the one on the right side. :)

» NFSU2: Screenshots
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NFSU2: Another car announced Wednesday, 28.07.2004
NfS Underground 2Until now Electronic Arts only told us for sure that the Mazda RX-8 will be available in Need for Speed Underground 2. Brooke Burke said in an interview, that she is driving a car private, and she is excited how it will be to drive it in Need for Speed Underground 2.
Our affiliate NFS-Players asked, and got the information, that a Hummer will be in the game! Together with the Cadillac Escalade, which we already saw in the NFSU2 teaser, there will be at least two jeeps in the game.

» NFSU2: Carlist
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Info: DirectX 9.0c released Tuesday, 27.07.2004
Microsoft finally released DirectX 9.0c. It is just a small update of the 9.0 version, but it should give you some performance improvements.
DirectX 9.0c supports the following operating systems: Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP. The DirectX 9.0c runtime cannot be uninstalled. Microsoft recommends Windows Me and Windows XP users to create a "System Restore" point before installing.

» Download DirectX 9.0c
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Event: Undergroundbattle in Hamburg Tuesday, 27.07.2004
UndergroundbattleThe guys from Undergroundbattle are people who travel from city to city in Germany. At nightfall, they come with their Jeep with an attached projector and start to drive hot races in Need for Speed Underground on the PS2, projected onto a wall. Cologne, Berlin and Frankfurt have already been visited, tomorrow they'll meet in Hamburg. But this event is something can check out the new demoversion of Need for Speed Underground 2!
If you can get to Hamburg, Germany tomorrow (which is quite improbable, but I post it anyway ;)), sign up here:

» Undergroundbattle (German)
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