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NFS C: Wii Controller Preview Monday, 28.08.2006
NFS CarbonNeed for Speed Carbon is coming too for the new Nintendo console Wii and its innovative controller. There were many possibilities, how to handle the game with the Wii controller, and 1UP could try one on the Games Convention:

In the version we tried, you control the game by looking at a small steering wheel icon on the bottom of the screen below your car. It has a small circle on its outer rim that determines where you point the Wii-mote, so the idea is that you point the controller left and right slightly to turn the wheel icon, thus turning the car and controlling the game. It's like those DS control options, but using the Wii-mote as a pointer rather than a stylus.

The nunchaku attachment serves as your gas and break -- hold up on the analog stick to go and down to stop -- and also allows you to perform a hand brake by jerking it up quickly.

You can read the complete article here:

» NFS C: Wii Preview @ 1UP
» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS C: New Videos (GC) (Update) Friday, 25.08.2006
NFS CarbonAnd once again we found some new videos from the Games Convention. So IGN published a new Autosculpt Trailer, and the german onlinemagazine Gameswelt wrote a preview (which is in German), but also a 1:15 long video, showing them testing the game.

Gametrailers too uploaded a video of EA's presentation of NFS Carbon - a good-quality version and a HD-version.

» Autosculpt Video @ IGN
» NFS C Presentation (GC) @ Gameswelt
» NFS C Preview @ Gameswelt (German)
» NFS C GC 2006 Show Floor Gameplay Low-Res @ Gametrailers
» NFS C GC 2006 Show Floor Gameplay Hi-Res @ Gametrailers
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NFS C: Interview with Michael Mann (GC) Thursday, 24.08.2006
Games ConventionThe onlinemagazine IGN made an interview with Michael Mann, Producer at EA Black Box.

Here is a short excerpt:

NFS CarbonAfter a player has picked their car how much can they customise it?

Michael Mann: When Need for Speed Underground came out it was at the forefront of car customisation - there were hundreds of different car parts and ways to use them together. So over the last two years we thought about what we could do to take it to the next level and what we came up with was 'morphable' body parts - sections of the cars that can be pulled, pushed and twisted to create an almost limitless number of ways to customise a car. Each car is broken into ten zones that can be changed, so a player can alter the size and shape of anything, from adjusting the size, depth and angle of spoilers down to small details like changing the number of spokes on the rims. At the moment these modifications are purely visual, they don't affect the handling or performance of the car, but we are looking into how we could incorporate it.

It's not just body shaping that's been improved either, right?

Michael Mann: We've also introduced vector-scoping for Carbon, which allows the player to put decals on any part of the car, not just certain sections. They can be scaled, rotated and merged together, plus there are over 900 to choose from, as well as 90,000 paint combinations, so a player really can create any look they want.

Additionally IGN published some new screenshots of the next-gen version of Need for Speed Carbon.

» NFS C: Interview with Michael Mann @ IGN
» NFS C: Screenshots @ IGN
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NFS C: Live-Demo in better quality (GC) Thursday, 24.08.2006
Games ConventionElectronic Arts presented Need for Speed Carbon at the Games Convention - we showed you two videos before. XBOXYDE filmed the presentation too, and put a video file in better quality online.

You can download the video here:

» Download NFS C Gameplay Video @ XBOXYDE
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NFS C: Interview with Rob Wyle (GC) Thursday, 24.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine made an interview with Rob Wyle, the producer of Need for Speed Carbon at the Games Convention.
Unfortunately the interview is in german, but it doesn't really contain any new information anyway.
Use an online-translator if you don't speak german. :)

» Interview mit Rob Wyle @ (German)
» Interview mit Rob Wyle @ (Google-Translation)
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NFS C: Demo in September? Thursday, 24.08.2006
Games ConventionThe Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany has started and EA put up some stations where you can play a demo of Need for Speed Carbon.
Our community-member crazyleg2006 was there and according to the local EA reps the demo of the game will be released on September 3rd. It will be the same demo as the one at the Games Convention, only with a few improvements..

NFS CarbonWhen the demo is being released you'll get to know here. The release date of NFS Carbon for all platforms will be November 2nd in Europe.

» Games Convention 2006
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NFS C: New PSP Screenshots Thursday, 24.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine IGN published 5 new screenshots of the PSP version of Need for Speed Carbon.
You can find the pictures under the following link:

» NFS C: PSP Screenshots @ IGN
» (Source)
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NFS C: PS3 Videos (Games Convention) Thursday, 24.08.2006
NFS CarbonThis weekend the Games Convention 2006 takes place in Leipzig, Germany, where Electronic Arts is also presenting Need for Speed Carbon. The first two days are only for journalists, and EA presented the game live on a PS3, which you can see on the following movies: (Flash required)

» Games Convention 2006
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NFS C: Offical Logo Sunday, 20.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe old logo for Need for Speed Carbon was kept in grey chrome, but it wasn't the final version. You can see the new offical logo to your right. In our Mediakit-Section you can download a bigger JPG and transparent PNG-24 version for your wallpapers etc:

» NFS C: Mediakit
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NFS C: Even more Screenshots Thursday, 17.08.2006
NFS CarbonToday, Electronic Arts Australia put a bunch of new screenshots online as well. Among other cars, a Dodge Viper SRT-10 is shown.
As usual, you may have a look into our screenshot section:

» NFS C: Screenshots
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