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NFS C: New Screenshots Thursday, 17.08.2006
NFS CarbonElectronic Arts published five new screenshots on the official page of Need for Speed Carbon. All of them show Mazdas.
You can find them in our screenshot section.

» NFS C: Screenshots
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NFS C: New cars confirmed! (Update) Thursday, 17.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine IGN published twelve new cars with screenshots, that will appear in Need for Speed Carbon! Have a look:

- BMW M3 GTR (2003)
- Daimler Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 (2005)
- Ford Mustang GT (2006)
- Lamborghini Murcielago (2004)
- Lotus Elise 111R (2004)
- Porsche Cayman S (2006)
- Toyota Supra (1998)
- Volkswagen Golf R32 (2006)
- Alfa Romeo Brera (2006)
- Daimler Chrysler 300C SRT-8 (2006)
- Nissan 350Z Fairlady Z (2006)
- Audi Le Mans Quattro (2007)

Update: Meanwhile, the cars have been confirmed officially by EA. The car's screenshots are now in our screenshot section.

» NFS C: Carlist @ IGN (Source)
» NFS C: Screenshots @ IGN
» NFS C: Carlist @
» NFS C: Screenshots
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NFS C: Preview @ ComputerAndVideoGames Monday, 14.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine ComputerAndVideoGames published a new, quite amusing preview of the PS3-version of Need for Speed Carbon today. Some facts about the crew feature are in it:

Uniting all these things will be a game structure built around building a crew and using it to acquire territory. EA has apparently recognised that a core part of the car scene's appeal is that special feeling of belonging and being accepted (bless), so the new game will have a much more community-based focus to it. As you win races and gain respect, other racers will seek to join your gang, and it will be up to you to hand-pick a team based on their special talents and skills. You might choose a mechanic who can squeeze more performance out of your cars, a specialist in decals and modding or an expert drift racer. Better yet, you might find a buddy whose dad is the local police chief and can get the heat off when it counts. Every potential team mate will have something to bring to the party, as well as special racing abilities, and it's up to you to put together a crew that suits you best.

» NFS C: Preview @ ComputerAndVideoGames
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NFS C: Interview with composer Trevor Morris Monday, 14.08.2006
NFS CarbonAs our partner site NFSUnlimited reports, a interview with Trevor Morris, composer of the Need for Speed Carbon soundtrack, is online at Music4Games. Here's a short extract:

M4G: How did you get involved with NFS: Carbon? Were you familiar with the Need For Speed series prior to working on Carbon?
Trevor Morris: I got introduced to Electronic Arts through my agent and friend Maria Machado, who has a great working relationship with that company. I am a huge car guy, and fan of NFS. I’ve played all the car racing games at some point, from my youthful days back on my Amiga. The EA gang seriously rock at cars, they totally get real car dynamics and the feel of understeer and oversteer. I’ve raced my cars recreationally on the serious tracks in Canada and in California, so I know. Trust me, NFS Carbon is going to kick serious ass. There are also things in this game that I have seriously never seen before. I think they may be setting some visual trends that will certainly appear in feature films down the road.

» Interview with Trevor Morris @ Music4Games
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NFS C: Releasedate officiall announced! Thursday, 10.08.2006
NFS CarbonLike our partner site reports in their news, EA finally announced the official release date for NFS Carbon. So it will be the 2nd of November 06 for the current platforms.

Only for the next-gen consoles from Nintendo (Wii, 9th November) and from Sony (PS3, 16th November) the release will be a little bit later.

» (Source)
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NFS C: Carlist @ Gamezone Monday, 07.08.2006
NFS CarbonJust now, the german onlinemagazine Gamezone published a first (incomplete) carlist of Need for Speed Carbon:

- Aston Martin DB9
- Dodge Challenger
- Dodge Charger
- Dodge Viper
- Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500
- Lamborghini Gallardo
- Mazda 3
- Mazda RX-7
- Mazda RX-8
- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
- Porsche Carrera GT
- Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The only news to us is the Mazda 3, all other cars were already in screenshots and videos.

» Gamezone (Source)
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NFSU2: Server Shutdown! Monday, 07.08.2006
NFSU2As already announced by EA in the end of May, the online servers for Need for Speed Underground 2 for PC and Xbox were shut down among others at August, 1st. At least Peer-to-Peer-races should be possible via Hamachi.

See the complete server list at

» (Source)
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NFS C: New Screenshots Saturday, 05.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine IGN published five new screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed Carbon, which show NFSC's characters and cars in 55DSL dress.

» NFS C: Screenshots @ IGN
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NFS C: Collaboration with 55DSL Wednesday, 02.08.2006
NFS CarbonYesterday, EA annouced an collaboration with fashion street wear brand 55DSL. The actors will be equipped with specially for the game tailored clothes:

55DSL items are specifically tailored to the game, bringing with them the unique style and tone of the brand. Exclusively designed clothing for the game , will be available only through local EA events around the world and pre-order campaigns.

Andrea Rosso, the Creative Director of 55DSL is enthusiastic, "When the opportunity to work with EA, and in particular Need for Speed™ Carbon, came along, it seemed like a natural progression for us. I'm a gamer and I'm going to play this game for sure so to see characters wearing our exclusively designed t-shirts and other items, is really amazing for me."

» (Source)
» 55DSL
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NFS C: New Interviews Tuesday, 01.08.2006
NFS CarbonFor a short time, two new interviews are available online: The first is with producer Kristian von Fersen, the second one is centered on Emmanuelle Vaugier.
Unfortunately, they don't give us much new information on the game.

» NFS C: Interview with Kristian von Fersen @ Shacknews
» NFS C: Interview with Emmanuelle Vaugier @ GameSpy
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