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NFS 11: Rumours about "Pro Street" denied Monday, 12.02.2007
NFS 11We recently reported about the rumours on several russian websites, that the next Need for Speed will carry the name Pro Street. Now Electronic Arts denied these rumours - the title of the next NFS is still a secret.
For hard facts we may have to wait until the official announcement, which might take place at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in May in Los Angeles, or at the Games Convention in Germany.

We will see...

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NFS C: 10th best-sold title in 2006 Monday, 12.02.2007
Next GenerationThe website has compiled a comprehensive list and detailed analysis of the 100 top selling games in North America in the year 2006.
Need for Speed Carbon was sold 1.6 million times and hit the strong 10th place with $74 million revenue. This is remarkable, since the game was released in November and had only less than 2 months time to compete with other games.
The best sold game was Madden NFL 07 with 6.5 million copies and $300 million revenue.

The analysis shows, that Electronic Arts and Nintendo are the leading publishers with the best-sold games in 2006. Another interesting fact is, that only 3 games in the Top20 got an average rating below 75%, which means the consumers appreciate quality and know what is good.
This and more interesting facts can be read in the article at

» The Games People Buy @
» Top100 Ranking @
» NFSUnlimited (Source)

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Info: EA wants to develop games for Apple's iPhone Monday, 12.02.2007
Electronic ArtsAccording to an article at BusinessWeek Electronic Arts is planning to develop games for Apple's upcoming iPhone:


Since Apple unveiled the iPhone in January, speculation has abounded about whether the device will feature games. On one hand, the design is a step closer to an all-in-one portable media device and it includes a robust OSX operating system capable of running elaborate games. The touch-screen interface would pose challenges, say game developers, but would also open some new doors.

Apple is mum on gaming plans for the iPhone or Apple TV, but Mitch Lasky, senior vice-president of EA Mobile, says his company is discussing plans for games on the phone. "We have been talking to Apple about games on (the iPhone)," Lasky says. "We see a lot of the technology that we've utilized on the iPod side being incorporated into the iPhone."

For five iPod titles, Apple tapped EA, which expanded its mobile gaming business through last year's purchase of independent mobile publisher JAMDAT Mobile, later rebranded as EA Mobile. In 2006, EA Mobile sales totaled $118 million and accounted for 4% of the company's total revenue.

Lasky had been chief executive of JAMDAT Mobile before the takeover. He says EA saw the iPod as an attractive gaming device for a number of reasons. "The requirement for music to cache so you hear a streaming uninterrupted song, that means there's a lot of RAM," he says. "It also has remarkably good graphics."

Access to iTunes' commercial distribution platform was also a big advantage, Lasky says.

It's not sure yet if there might come a Need for Speed for the iPhone too, but it's more likely EA develops games like Tetris, Sudoku or similar fun-games, which have a very shallow gaming experience. At the moment you can buy Need for Speed for your mobile at Vodafone Live...

» Article @ BusinessWeek
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NFS 11: New rumours Sunday, 11.02.2007
NFS 11There are some new rumours about the next Need for Speed, the eleventh part of the Need for Speed series. It should have the name NFS: Pro Street and will contain a complete new graphics engine to fit the standards of todays systems, instead of a modernized old engine. Furthermore, the it will get rid of the superfluous film of arcade and the Autosculpt-System of Need for Speed Carbon will be finalized and improved.

The new Need for Speed (NFS Pro Street) is expected the be announced at the E3 2007 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which takes play in May this year in Los Angeles.

» (Source)
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NFS C: Community Spotlight Sunday, 11.02.2007
NFS CarbonA nice new feature on the official Need for Speed website is the Community Spotlight, where EA introduces members of the Need for Speed world. First on the list is Jussi Kauppinen aka jsskppnn.


EA: What is your favorite car class?
jsskppnn: I really like those classic muscle cars, because of the way they look. But I get better results with tuners and exotics. You should’ve asked which tier I like the best, answering that would’ve been a lot easier, it’s tier 2 including Nissan 240 SX, which is obviously a tier 2 car.

EA: What is the best ride you have ever built? (pictures?)
jsskppnn: I’m not sure, if these are the best, but I did couple of Finnish police cars. A Dodge Charger R/T with classic Finnish police paint scheme and a Porsche Cayman S, with the modern Finnish police colors. The reason for choosing Cayman might be interesting to some people and obvious to others… You may not have known this before, but you will from now on; Porsche Cayman S is actually made in Finland.

» Community Spotlight @
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NFS C: Description of "Virus Achievements" Sunday, 11.02.2007
NFS CarbonSince the news about the "Virus Achievements" in Need for Speed Carbon for the Xbox360 spread some confusion, EA published a more detailed description of these achievements:

Let’s start off with the “virus” achievements. Right now, there are three viruses: “Knockout Fever,” “Canyon Craze,” and “Pursuit Pandemic.” There is a fourth virus called “The Carbon Plague,” but it can only be achieved when you catch the other viruses. In order to catch these viruses, you need to hop on XBOX Live on your 360 and play an “infected” player. To score the “Knockout Fever” achievement, you need to play an online pursuit knockout race with an infected player. The “Canyon Craze” achievement can be earned by playing an online canyon duel with an infected player. Finally, the “Pursuit Pandemic” achievement can be won by playing an online pursuit tag game with an infected player.

Initially, eleven players were infected with the virus. The list has grown by a large margin already. As an added bonus, all eleven players that were originally infected also are EA Moderators. If you are lucky enough to beat one of these eleven players, you will score the “Moderator Challenge” achievement.

Speaking of the moderator achievement, this is an achievement designed to be difficult to earn. Be patient, and you will eventually earn this highly coveted achievement. Another achievement that has some racers in limbo is the “Head Start” achievement. There have been several threads devoted to this because some players cannot seem to find the right path to the points. According to forum poster “oilersguru,” you must “do the sprint on York road and give your rivals a ten second head start and win. You can do this online or quick race online.”

These are some of the harder achievements in the game to earn. Not everyone will be able to unlock all of them, but if you are one of the few lucky players who do, help share the wealth online by spreading those viruses as fast as possible! If you are having any other troubles unlocking other achievements that were not discussed, visit to get a brief description.

» Official website of Need for Speed Carbon
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NFS C: Need for Speed Survey Saturday, 10.02.2007
NFS CarbonIf you want to give Electronic Arts some feedback of Need for Speed Carbon, you can participate in the following survey here:

» Need for Speed Survey
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NFS C: Cooper Tires Play & Win Sweepstakes Thursday, 01.02.2007
NFS CarbonEver wanted a Home Theater System? Now is you chance, at the Cooper Tires Play & Win sweepstakes, which gives you the possibility to win a Panasonic Home Theater System (ARV: $619.99)!

To enter, play an online game of Need for Speed Carbon between now and midnight on February 15, 2007 Xbox LIVE! service or via PC-CD.

This Sweepstakes is only open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 13 years or older.

More information about the rules you can find here:

» Cooper Tires Play & Win Sweepstakes Rules
» Official website of Need for Speed Carbon
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