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NFS WO: Interface Screenshot Friday, 27.02.2009
NFS World OnlineThe interface of the upcoming online game NFS World Online has been revealed. It's good to hear, that NFS WO won't come with the same restrictions for PC as the console-ports of the other NFS games:


Key to the concept of NFS World Online is the user interface which has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the PC architecture. Instead of a traditional console view of a game, we’re using a user-selectable gadget interface designed specifically for the PC. The system allows the gamer to choose which components of the interface they want to add to their game. The gadgets are really flexible and offer a wide range of display options: docked/undocked, floating in the game window or just sitting outside of the game space. A lot of gamers now have more than one monitor so you could keep the game window entirely clean and then have all the gadgets sit in the other monitor. We think it’s about time PC gamers had games that allowed them to arrange their information their way.

» Blog at
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NFS WO: Online Producer Interview Wednesday, 25.02.2009
NFS World OnlineOn the official Need for Speed website you can find a new interview with Scott Henshaw, Producer at EA Black Box for NFS World Online. He talks about the game design, cops and game modes.

He also comments the similarities to NFS Carbon, some of you noticed:

The screenshot you released for Need for Speed World looked very similar to an area in Carbon – is this just a “recycled” version of the older game?

We were impressed how quickly people noticed this when we released the screen; they clearly know our games well. It’s true that we’re using the city of Carbon (we’re actually merging it with the Most Wanted world too) but these games are two of the most popular and best loved games we’ve shipped, so we’re excited to bring our players back to those cities. We chose Most Wanted as a baseline for this game and have been working to significantly improve the look of both worlds. You’ll see Carbon in daylight and experience an entirely new atmosphere in Most Wanted. While the streets will be familiar, the uniquely customizable interface, game and player progression will be entirely new to Need for Speed.

Ihr findet das komplette Interview hier:

» Interview with Scott Henshaw
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NFS World Online Trailer & Website (Update) Wednesday, 18.02.2009
NFS World OnlineAfter the first » Screenshots of NFS World Online also the official website of the game was published. Unfortunately only in the asian language, so most of us won't understand the text written there.

NFS World Online Website

Nevertheless, when you click on the "Play" button you can watch the very first trailer of NFS World Online!
Alternatively you can watch the trailer also on Youtube, recorded by our affiliate NFS Italia.

The taiwanese website published the trailer of NFS World Online in a much better quality on Youtube.

» Official NFS World Online Website (Taiwan)
» NFS World Online Trailer (Low-Res) @ Youtube
» NFS World Online Trailer (High-Res) @ Youtube
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SimBin thinks about legal action against Slightly Mad Studios Wednesday, 18.02.2009
Slightly Mad StudiosThe Slightly Mad Studios are the developers of the upcoming Need for Speed Shift and advertise with their previous workings on GT Legends and GTR2 - something Magnus Ling, the Executive Vice President at SimBin Studios AB doesn't really like to hear, at least according to the onlinemagazine Joystiq:

In an email we received recently, Magnus Ling, Executive Vice President at SimBin Studios AB said his company "is taking legal advice and considering to also take legal actions against Slightly Mad Studios, as a result of certain statements made by Slightly Mad Studios that we find to be incorrect, misleading and has a negative impact on our reputation as well as business negotiations."

When asked about the statement, Slightly Mad Studios boss Ian Bell was quick to respond, calling the assertions "absurd" and saying "more than 25 of Slightly Mad Studios' current staff worked on and are actually credited in GT Legends and GTR2 including the majority of the core development team ... It saddens me when fellow developers make inappropriate statements like this in public but I think the fact that the first I heard of it was from you [Joystiq] says everything you need to know about the credibility of the claims. Had there been any merit to them I am sure I would have heard sooner."

Electronic Arts has not given any statement yet. You can find the whole story at Joystiq:

» GTR dev threatens legal action against NFS Shift team
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NFS World Online Screenshots Wednesday, 18.02.2009
NFS World OnlineThe upcoming onlinegame Need for Speed World Online is entering the testphase » next month.

Our italian affiliate NFS Italia could get hands on the first illustrations of the game, which show four cars and and five pictures of characters, which seem to appear in the game.

NFS World Online

You can find the screenshots here:

» NFS World Online Screenshots @ NFS Italia
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Need for Speed Shift: New screenshots! (Update) Saturday, 14.02.2009
Some new screenshots from Need for Speed Shift are available at the hungarian website Unfortunately the resolution is not that high, but you will recognize some of the cars and racing classes the game contains. For more information on Shift, click » here.

The screens were taken down at the website due to violations of the embargo date. You will find high-res screenshots here at NFS-Planet within the next weeks.

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NFS UC: Patch released! Tuesday, 10.02.2009
NFS UndercoverThe Patch for Need for Speed Undercover was released today, which brings the game to the version Primarily it should fix performance problems and framerate issues, as well as prblems with the difficulty.

Playstation 3 and Xbox360 users are being informed of the patch when starting the game. PC users can download the patch either from NFS-Planet or the official Need for Speed website:

» NFS UC: Download Patch @ NFS-Planet
» NFS UC: Download Patch @
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NFS World Online Testing in Asia Friday, 06.02.2009
NFS World OnlineNFS World Online is one of the three announced Need for Speed titles this year - a free to play multiplayer racing game (for PC only). World Online is being developed by both EA Black Box and EA Singapore and is likely going to be released this summer.

Now EA announced that the first phase of technical testing is scheduled to start in March 2009 in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Along with this announcement, more information about the game was reveiled:

The game (NFS World Online) offers numerous race tracks and game modes where players are able to form teams to take on the competition and the police. Players can collect and customize racing characters alongside authentic real-world licensed cars and will be able to track their progress via online leaderboards, all in the largest free roaming environment in Need for Speed history. Need for Speed World Online is a new entertainment experience that delivers excellent gameplay, stunning graphics and sophisticated online matchmaking features that emphasize social interaction between players.

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NFS UC: Q&A with Scott Nielsen - Patch comes next week Thursday, 05.02.2009
NFS UndercoverLast week you could send your questions about Undercover and the patch for the Producer Q&A. Now the interview with Scott Nielsen about Need for Speed Undercover has been published on, where he answers several questions, also about the upcoming patch:

I was curious as to when this patch will be coming out as well as what issues are supposed to be addressed. Also, while I have this opportunity, would you be able to tell me if there will be any upcoming DLC, and if so, any details?

The 1st patch for NFS Undercover features a series of performance optimizations to address frame rate inconsistencies and enhancements to the adaptive difficulty logic to accelerate the difficulty curve for the expert players. The patch should be available for download during the second week of February. Keep watching for updates on the exact time and dates. I can tell you that we are definitely going to be supporting Undercover with additional content over the coming months. As I mentioned before, this is the start of a new way that we’re going to be predictably and consistently supporting our titles post-launch going forward. It’s about NFS Undercover today and future titles going forward. You guys in the community are going to play a huge part in determining what is working, what needs improving and what you feel is missing from the game. We are going to do our best to listen to you, share our thoughts with you, frequently interact with you and then consistently deliver great content back to you.

Unfortunately not all questions could be answered, but EA seems to have quite some plans with NFS Undercover. You can send your recommendations for future title updates and DLC (downloadable content) to

» Q&A with Scott Nielsen
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NFS-TexEd 0.7.3 Beta 2 Wednesday, 04.02.2009
nfsu360 published a new version of the texture editor NFS-TexEd! With this editor you can extract and import the textures of several Need for Speed games. With the version 0.7.2 Beta 2 you get the following changes:

- fixed invalid memory offset bug when import TGA textures for NFS:Underground 2 and NFS:Most Wanted
- Added direct save to archive (no rebuilding, very fast update).
- Fixed and optimized scanning algorithm.

The author published version 0.7.3, which contains a "Unlock for Editing" function so that edited files do not cause game crash.

You can download NFS-TexEd here:

» NFS UC: Downloads
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