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NFS Shift: Official website online Tuesday, 24.03.2009
NFS Shift WebsiteThe official website of Need for Speed Shift launched, together with the official discussion boards. You can find the webpage at »

It doesn't have much content, but hopefully it get's filled with more stuff about NFS Shift in the next weeks. :)

» Official NFS Shift Website
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NFS Shift: Ian Bell Interview at AutoSimSport Magazine Tuesday, 24.03.2009
NFS ShiftIn the latest issue of the onlinemagazine AutoSimSport you can find an interview with Ian Bell, the head of the Slightly Mad Studios, which are developing Need for Speed Shift.

Bell talks about the cirumstances, how SMS emerged out of Blimey! Games and the relations to the insolvent publisher 10Tacle.
He also reveals some details about Need for Speed Shift:

The engine for Shift was built up from the ground to enable the complex physic-effects. SMS wants to create authentic racer out of NFS Shift, but different than Forza: Forza isn't the direction we're going in.

NFS ShiftExcerpt:
Until this point, sim equaled hard, and arcade equaled easy on handling. The team felt that this was more a case of the more realistic games not handling properly, as opposed to tims being hard. I drove Forza and Gran Turismo, and real cars don't handle like that. Real cars don't skid at 30mph and keep skidding at speed. Tyres, when properly interacting with ashpalt grip/slide/slide/slip/regrip and so forth, and with driver input, are very controllable, this goes especially for race cars with slicks. Not only have sim games not compensating for the lack of g forces etc. but they've been making the cars spin out too easily. If any pit crew gave a real race driver a car that handlet like that, he/she would takie it right back and tell them to fix it.
I'll say it here ... when the team were at Blimey!, they did probably more than 99 percent of the development on GTR2. GTR2 was too hard. It was too hard because the physics engine was lacking in some areas, wasn't measuring enough paramters quickly enough and in the correct way. Real cars are easy to drive, slow and fast ... take any car on a track with some cheap slicks, and you can abuse it to hell and back, slide all over the place, but under steering and throttle control. You need a skid pan to induce the leery spins I see in some so-called realistic racing games. You'll see what I mean you play SHIFT. It's a generation ahead in this area.

Additionally Ian Bell explains that Shift will have three difficulty modes: a default mode for the masses, who enjoy OGR/GT5 etc and a novice mode for beginners. There is also a pro mode for the hardcore gamers.

He also mentions a little bit about the cars and tracks of Need for Speed Shift:

We have a lot of very interesting cars, very little filler or fluff. So you've read 80 cars or so. That's just the bases. I can't tell you anything beyond the cars that have been shown. Audi RS4, Porsche GT2, Zonda, and so forth. We ahve 18 or so real world 'locations' with many famous circuits among them. And of course variations for some of those on top.

You can read the complete interview here:

» AutoSimSport Magazine - Volume 5, Issue 1
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NFS Shift: Teaser-Video available Monday, 23.03.2009
NFS ShiftA teaser video of Need for Speed Shift is now available, which shows first ingame scenes of the game.

The video shows only short sequences, but you will be able to get an expression how the game will look like. According to the subtitle, the video contains actual ingame footage.

You can find the video here:

» NFS SHift: Teaser Video
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NFS Shift: Official Releasedate announced Monday, 23.03.2009
NFS ShiftToday the official releasedate of Need for Speed Shift has been announced! The game will hit stores in Europe on September 17 and North America on September 22, 2009.

The earlier releasedate in Europe is unusual, but the reason could be that Need for Speed Shift is being developed by the Slightly Mad Studios in London, UK. The last Need for Speed games have been developed by EA Black Box, who had their office in Vancouver.

Need for Speed Shift is going to be released on PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP. The PSP version is being developed by EA's Bright Light studio.

You can find more information about Need for Speed Shift in our First Look:

» NFS Shift: First Look
» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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NFS World Online Interview Monday, 16.03.2009
NFS World OnlineThe taiwanese NFS fansite NFSPC made an interview with an EA Product Manager about NFS World Online. NFS WO is a Play 4 Free game, which is going to be released in Asia this summer.

Unfortunately this interview is not in english, but you can switch on english subtitles on Youtube:

» Interview @ Youtube
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NFS Shift: New High-Res Screenshots Thursday, 12.03.2009
NFS ShiftWe have a dozen new high-res screenshots of Need for Speed Shift for you, which show some of the cars and cockpit view!

You can find these pictures in our screenshots-section:

» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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NFS Shift: Exclusive First-Look! Thursday, 05.03.2009
NFS ShiftThe Slightly Mad Studios develops the upcoming Need for Speed Shift. We visited the studio in London and got some impressions of the upcoming racing game. Read in our exclusive First Look article about what you can expect in Need for Speed Shift and take a look at the new screenshots:

» NFS Shift: First Look
» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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Introducing the Slightly Mad Studios Wednesday, 04.03.2009
Slightly Mad StudiosThe Slightly Mad Studios are the developers of Need for Speed Shift, which is going to be released at the end of 2009. On the official Need for Speed website a short article was published, where Ian Bell, Head of Development, wants to tell you more about the studio:

Slightly Mad Studios is a new company comprised of all the talent from our previous company, Blimey! Games, which in turn was formed by the core group of developers from SimBin Development Team about four ago now. Under the Blimey name, these guys, now at Slightly Mad Studios, led most areas of the development of the critically acclaimed GT Legends, and developed the multiple award-winning GTR 2.

Additionally, many of our developers have contributed to other fantastic racing titles, including Burnout, Motorstorm, Pure, Project Gotham Racing, Forza, and even previous Need for Speed titles.

» Slightly Mad Studios: An Introduction @
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NFS Shift: Interviews with the Producers Wednesday, 04.03.2009
NFS ShiftMore information about Need for Speed Shift is being reveiled. If you want to know more about the game, you can watch the video interview with Patrick Soderlund on Gametrailers or read the interview with Jesse Abney on Both are talking about the upcoming Need for Speed Shift:

With the emphasis strongly being placed on realism where does this leave customisation – both visual and performance tuning? “Vehicle customisation is a principle tenet of the Need for Speed franchise. SHIFT further connects the player in the driver experience through not only visual but performance-based tuning. Visual customization, both inside the vehicle and out, is available to further pull the player into the individual aspects of the experience. Performance-based modifications to the body will be tunable, as will performance packages and individual parts.”

» Interview with Jesse Abney @
» Interview with Patrick Soderlund @ Gametrailers
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