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Need for Speed Movie: First Trailer! Wednesday, 25.09.2013
The first trailer of the upcoming Need for Speed Movie was published today and gives you a first impression of the movie:

The trailer shows a serious and dramatic atmosphere, which might suggest we won't see a complete Fast & Furious clone. The Need for Speed movie will hit the theaters in March 2014, starring Aaron Paul (known from Breaking Bad), Dakota Johnson, Michael Keaton and Dominic Cooper.

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NFS Rivals: Ask Ghost / Personalization and Racer Tech Tuesday, 24.09.2013
NFS Rivals
Ghost Games, the developer of Need for Speed Rivals answered questions from the community and talks on the official Need for Speed website about personalization and racer tech:

Personalization is a key feature we wanted to bring back to Need for Speed because of how perfectly it fits with AllDrive. When you’re playing in an open world where you can seamlessly run into your friends, it’s important to make your car standout.

In Rivals, we let you personalize your car in a couple different ways. The first is how it looks as you can choose from millions of different colors, rims, decals, license plates and liversies. The second is through performance where you can upgrade your car in five different categories – Top Speed, Acceleration, Control, Strength and Durability. This is done through level upgrades and not individual car parts because you’re already driving the fastest, supercars in the world like Ferrari. And the third is with tech. In Rivals, you can pick which evasive tech best suits your playing style, whether its spike strips, jammers or turbo. You have two slots for your tech and seven options to choose from as a racer.


For the personalization, will we be able to draw and create our own patterns on the cars, or will it be just a selection of shape options that we can custom color?

No, we have provided millions of different colors, rims, decals and liveries for you to choose from. The color tones in particular is quite expansive where you can create a gold plated car.

You can find the complete Q&A under the following link:

» Ask Ghost / Personalization and Racer Tech
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NFS Rivals developed for Next-Gen Monday, 23.09.2013
NFS RivalsPlaystation 4 and Xbox One will hit the stores in two months, which brings the question how the games will look like on the new platforms. Especially with cross-platform titles it looks convenient to take a current-gen game, scale it up and throw it on the market as a next-gen game.

In an interview with » MCV UK Patrick Söderlund, EA Games label boss, talks about next-gen consoles and assures, that Need for Speed Rivals and Battlefield 4 are being developed for the upcoming consoles and downscaled to run on current-gen hardware.

Do you worry that as most of your games are on both current and next-gen, and because of games like GTA?V, that players might delay buying the new consoles?

If you look at GTA V – which looks crazy, I can’t wait to play it – and when you look at GTA?IV, the difference between the two is significant. I don’t expect the difference between what launches on PS4 today and what launches at the end tail of that to be quite that dramatic, but I still think it will be dramatic. Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed this year were built from the ground-up on next gen, and scaled back for current consoles. Rather than making a current gen game and scaling it up, we went the other way around.

Developers are smart, they figure out ways to get more out of the boxes. That will happen. For next year’s games, I am already seeing games doing things we were not able to do on the ones coming this year. That will be an industry-wide thing.

But when you get your hands on Battlefield 4, 64-players, 60 frames per second, with the fidelity you have on next-gen consoles, versus the 360 or PS3 version, the difference there is significant. We are for the first time offering 64-players, that’s 40 more than before, that makes the game significantly different. On top of that, doubling the frame rate and improving the graphics creates a better feel. That’s just simple stuff, but that makes a big difference. One that’s significant enough to make people say: “I’ve got to have that.”

Need for Speed games have been inconsistent in quality. The games made by UK studio Criterion have been great, but the others have been a mixed bag. Is that why you set up this new Need for Speed developer Ghost Games?

Ghost in Gothanberg was created with not just Need for Speed, but driving games in mind. There’s a lot of car nuts there, a lot of people who have built racing games in the past. And I’m surprised at how quickly they have established themselves. We have taken some senior people, Craig Sullivan from Criterion has moved to Gothenberg, Jamie Keen who was a key design person on Far Cry 3 has moved there. We have assembled an experienced team, with some former DICE employees, as well.

But if I tell a studio that they are going to make a Need for Speed game every year for the foreseeable future, that might seem daunting. People need breathing room. I don’t believe you can make a great game in eight months. You have to give enough time to people to be creative and express themselves. We have always had two teams working on Need for Speed. So it was a natural step to start a new studio.

We looked all over the world. We looked at the UK. But it boiled down to Gothenberg strangely enough, and it seems to be the right choice.

You can find the complete interview here:

» Interview with Patrick Söderlund @ MCV UK
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Criterion Games staff reduced Saturday, 14.09.2013
Criterion GamesCriterion Games reduced its staff after Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) and around 60-65 developers got assigned to the swedish developer studio Ghost Games to work on the upcoming Need for Speed Rivals, which will be released in November 2013 for current and next-gen platforms (PC, PS3, PS4, X360, Xbox One).

According to a » Tweet from Alex Ward Criterion Games was reduced to 16 people. At the moment it is not known on what project Criterion is working at the moment, but according to previous statements it's not a racing game. Apparently they don't have to fear being closed down, as Alex ward sees themselves in » in fine form and » backed by Electronic Arts.

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NFS Rivals: Personalization Trailer Friday, 13.09.2013
NFS RivalsIn a new trailer Electronic Arts presents the personalization possibilities of the cars in Need for Speed Rivals. There are not so many possibilities as in NFS Underground, but you can adjust several visual and performance parts at your own cars:

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NFS Rivals: Weapons, Gaming Mechanics and Unlockable Abilities Thursday, 12.09.2013
NFS RivalsElectronic Arts published a new video, which goes a bit more into detail regarind the weapons, gaming mechanics and unlockable abilities in Need for Speed Rivals.
Producer Leanne Loombe answers questions from Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries and talks about the already known Speed Points, which can be spent on upgrades and cars. Additionally Cops can choose from 11 unlockable weapons, among them EMPs, shockwaves, road blocks, helicopters and of course classic spike strips.

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NFS World: Free car for 30 million players Monday, 09.09.2013
NFS World OnlineNeed for Speed World reached an impressive number of 30 million registrations! To celebrate the NFS World dev-team gives to every player a brand new Audi A1 Quattro!

Use the following code on the official NFS World website to receive the car:


» Official NFS World Website
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