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NFS U: Win a copy of NFS Underground - Last Chance Sunday, 14.12.2003
Today is the last day of our lottery. So you you can't win a NFS Underground calendar, but the full version of NFS Underground! All you have to do, is to answer a simple question. Good Luck!

» Win a copy of NFS Underground
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NFS U: Dedicated Server & Car Modding Saturday, 13.12.2003
Since someone announced at the official boards to be working on an unofficial LAN hack, we also want to announce something. ;)
Someone, who wants to be anonymous, is working on a Dedicated Server for Need for Speed Underground. With this tool it will be possible to play over LAN or internet, without connecting to the servers of Electronic Arts. But you can do the same things, like challenging other users, creating game rooms and stuff like that.

I already coud test it this week, and I have to say it really makes fun. Expect it soon. :)

The same person, who makes the dedicated server, will finish soon with decompressing the LZC files in Need for Speed Underground, which should be very useful for car modding! Expect to hear more soon.

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NFS U: LAN Multiplayer Saturday, 13.12.2003
The LAN patch from Electronic Arts is still not released, so the community will help itself.
At the boards of the official Need for Speed Underground siite someone announced to make his own LAN patch.

Unfortunately I have to mention, that this interferes with the online agreement and could cause problems with Electronic Arts.

» NFS U: Boardthread
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NFS U: Details about 2nd Patch Friday, 12.12.2003
As it is already known, when updating the game through the update-function of Need for Speed Underground, you'll download a second patch, but nobody knew what it was good for. We asked, and got some more detailed information:

Thanks for your e-mail. The 2nd patch that was released was a minor one which primarily had an effect for users in Europe. It seems that there was an issue with the regional settings of some countries where they weren't working properly. This patch addresses that issue.

We have another patch coming in the next couple weeks which we will make more announcements on that will address more specific issues such as cheats. Please be sure to check the web site for that forthcoming announcement.

» Official website Need for Speed Underground
» NFS U: Patch
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NFS U: New Movie & Wallpaper Thursday, 11.12.2003
Electronic Arts published a new movie on the official Need for Speed Underground website. It shows already known rendered scenes and scenes from the game, running with music from Element Eighty.
Additionally you can view a new wallpaper there.

» NFS U: Movie @ (Hi-Res)
» NFS U: Movie @ (Lo-Res)
» NFS U: Wallpaper @
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First winners Monday, 08.12.2003
From the participants yesterday we already drew a lot the first winners, who get a Need for Speed Underground calendar:

- Micron
- GenJack

All who had no luck yesterday, can participate of cousre at today's question again.

The previous winners are now listet on the following site at the bottom.

» Win NFS Underground
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NFS U: New Wallpaper Sunday, 07.12.2003
Dejan Iljic, who already did some of the best wallpapers for Need for Speed, created a new masterpiece, a wallpaper for Need for Speed Underground. Dejan is just 16 years old, is in the 2nd grade in High School, a school for Design "BOGDAN SUPUT" in Yugoslavia. Awesome. :)

» NFS U: Wallpaper
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NFS U: Win a calendar or NFS Underground Saturday, 06.12.2003
In association with Electronic Arts Germany we can offer you a chance to win the official Need for Speed Underground Calendar (size: DIN-A5 folded, DIN-A4 suspended) for the year 2004. On the last day we will give away an original Need for Speed Underground game for PC!

The participation is really easy: on the following page we will ask you a question between 7.12-14.12. If you answered the question correctly, you participate. Every day you can win one of two calendars and on the last day even a copy of Need for Speed Underground.

Unfortunately only residents in Europe can participate.
For further information click here:

» Win a calendar & NFS Underground
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NFS U: Support Section opened Saturday, 06.12.2003
You got problems with Need for Speed Underground? Now you may find help in our new Support-Section. At the moment the articles are quite rare, but we will fill it within the next days. If you may know tipps or a solution of a problem, don't hesitate to tell us: just send a mail to

» NFS U: Support
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NFS U: Patch Download Saturday, 06.12.2003
Since so many people had problems with the update-function of Electronic Arts, I packed the Need for Speed Underground Patch to version 1.2.51733 in a single Exe file and put it on our FTP server.
The patcher you can find under the follwoing link:

Note: The second patch you can get over the update function of EA may cause problems with german Need for Speed Underground versions. Better wait until there is an official statement from Electronic Arts.

» NFS U: Patch
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