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NFS U: Second Patch released Friday, 05.12.2003
Electronic Arts recently released a new patch for Need for Speed Underground. At the moment I cannot tell you what the patch exactly does, but it should be mainly against cheaters.

Unfortunately the download is again just possible through the browser plugin from EA, but maybe we will be able to offer you an alternative if the installation does not work.

Update: The patch can cause major problems with german versions of NFS Underground. We suggest to wait for a statement from Electronic Arts before installing the patch.

» NFS U: Download the Patch
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NFS 7: EA Announcement Friday, 05.12.2003
Electronic Arts now confirmend in an official announcement the developing of a new patch:

NFS Family,

Thank you for your continued support of NFS Underground. We appreciate your thoughts and comments about the game as well as your dedication to the community. We wish to support you as well, and as such wanted to give you an update on a few action items.

First, with regards to cheating. In the next few weeks, we'll be releasing a patch that is going to implement additional cheat detection functionality. Once this is addressed, we will be resetting the rankings and wiping all scores so that players can start anew. In the meantime, we are also posting some new server side code mid-this week that should address a good number of the cheats.

Although cheats will still be present within gameplay, once the race results are reported to the server we will then catch the cheaters and assign them a loss and a disconnect. All other players involved in the game that did not cheat will simply have the race results removed from their records. We will also be keeping a database from these results which will identify any player using cheats/trainers which we can then use to permanently ban those players from playing online. Action against players who have been detected as cheating will be enforced. Within the next week and forthcoming weeks, users who have been caught cheating will be permanently banned from playing online. This will be the last "warning" to anyone who may be cheating in the game.

We'll be providing more information regarding the patch as we get closer to its release, so be on the lookout for those details.

Lastly, we hear the cries regarding LAN play and are looking into ways to make this feasible as well. We appreciate your patience and candor in submitting these requests to us.

The NFSU Dev Team

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NFS U: Patch with LAN Support? Thursday, 04.12.2003
As it is already known, Need for Speed Underground does not havy any possibility to play on LAN, just online. Now a dev from Electronic Arts announced the current workings on a new patch:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that we (EA) hear you loud and clear. Just so you understand where things are at I wanted to drop a quick note:

1. First and foremost, we are working diligently on fixing the cheating/trainer issues that have cropped up recently. The majority of the server side code should be integrated mid-week and the rest will come in the form of a mid to late December patch.

2. We are continuing to work on the compatibility issues some players are experiencing; this should also find its way in the patch.

3. OK, no promises here, but due to the overwhelming demand for LAN play we are going to see what we can do Post-Christmas about getting something in for the PC community. Again, No promises, stay tuned.

Thanks for the support,


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NFS 7: Win an original Nissan Skyline! Tuesday, 02.12.2003
Watch MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) show from Dec 1st thru Dec 5th and see the sweet tricked-out Skyline parked outside Times Square.

You want to own the ride? Look out for a hidden license plate in one of the music videos during the show on all four days. On the last day, the first person who calls in with all 4 correct license plate numbers will win the Skyline, which could be YOU!

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