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NFS U: Patch released Tuesday, 23.12.2003
The new patch for Need for Speed Underground has been released. At the moment the download is only possible with the browser plugin at the EA site, but we may will offer you a stand-alone version of the patch soon:

» Install the Patch @
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NFS U: The Warshaw Awards 2003 Sunday, 21.12.2003
Jason Bergman from the onlinemagazine Shacknews presents the "Warshaw Awards 2003"! I couldn't describe it better than him, so I just quote him. ;)

Although I love this industry to death, it seems like every year, someone, whether it's a single individual, publisher, or developer, stumbles. Hey, it happens to everyone. So, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, I'm proud to present the Warshaw Awards for 2003.

Before I get to the awards themselves, a few words about the person these awards are named after. Howard Scott Warshaw was one of the great developers back in the Atari days. He was the author of two excellent titles: Raiders of the Lost Ark and the classic Yar's Revenge. Sadly, he's mostly remembered for his third game: E.T. for the Atari 2600. Yes, Scott Warshaw, is the author of the game that is considered by many to be the worst of all time. Some people even blame E.T. for single handedly causing the industry crash that followed its release (although that's a serious exaggeration as far as I'm concerned). Just like Howard, there were plenty of bad moves made this year. Here's a list (which is no doubt far from complete) of some of the worst missteps of the year.

So, what's so interesting about it? The game Need for Speed Underground gets honoured with the "WTF!?" Award! Better read yourself:

Like some kind of Bizzaro-world reversal of Nintendo, Electronic Arts shocked PC buyers of Need for Speed: Underground when they discovered, against all possible logic, that while the game does support online gameplay, it has no LAN support. Leading, as you might imagine, gamers to scratch their heads and yell "WTF!?" to the rafters. One really has to wonder what the heck happened here. I mean, there have been lots of games that support LAN play but not online, since on a LAN latency isn't an issue. But if there's already support for external networks, wouldn't playing locally be much easier to support? Just imagine the fans who show up to a LAN party, only to discover that the only way to play the game is to go through an external network connection just to join a server sitting right next to them. Oh, EA. You're so crazy.

» The Warshaw Awards 2003 @ Shacknews
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NFS U: Part Swapper Saturday, 20.12.2003
IH8SKYLINES made a tool called "TJ's Part Swapper". With this tool you can easily upgrade your car. But to maintain fun playing the game, we suggest not to download this tool. ;)

» NFS 7: Tools
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NFS U: Music Importer Thursday, 18.12.2003
Finally arushan released a tool, with which you can import your own files in NFS Underground:

» NFS 7: Tools
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NFS U: New patch around weekend Thursday, 18.12.2003
Today Electronic Arts confirmed the development of a new patch, and gave us a detailed description of what this patch will affect.

Next Patch Coming Soon

The next patch for Need for Speed Underground is almost ready and final testing is in progress even as we speak. When in game, be sure to check for any available updates during the course of the weekend.

When the patch is available, you'll want to update your game to ensure the fixes below are implemented.

Here is what issues the next patch will address:

Fix UG Mode Completion, players can now change cars in UG mode once completed (allowing cars with TJ parts to be changed post completion)
- Fix many cheats/trainers
- Improved cheat detection functionality
- Fixes to rep points lost using NOS In bad latency situations
- Fixed some hardware issues
- Scenery Deinstancing - will help increase framerate
- Issue with black screen instead of movies in min. install if the user removes CD before movie starts playing
- Issue with micropauses on machines with low physical memory
- Issue where sometimes the game hangs if the CD is removed from Cdrom when going in/out of the game/FE.
- PC Registration - Server error after completing the survey.
- Various stability fixes for the game
- Windows Me Autodial on Startup
- Reverse / Distorted Manufacturer Vinyls On Golf And Lancer
- Graphical Corruption Using The Rear View Mirror

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding while we continue to improve and fine tune the online experience. Your support is very much appreciated.

~ The NFSU Dev Team

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NFS U: Interview with David Seymour (GBA) Thursday, 18.12.2003
Electronic Arts published an interview with David Seymour on the official website of Need for Speed Underground. David Seymour is the producer of the Game Boy Advance Version of Need for Speed Underground.

» Interview with David Seymour
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NFS U: The Making of NFS U Thursday, 18.12.2003
EA published a new movie on the official Need for Speed Underground website, which shows the first part of a "Making of NFS Underground".

» Making of NFS U Part 1 (High-Res)
» Making of NFS U Part 1 (Low-Res)
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Info: The winners Wednesday, 17.12.2003
Finally the winners of our rattle are known. You can find them on the win-site.
The copy of Need for Speed Underground (PC) goes to "HoRRoRMaSTeR"...congratulations. :)

» Winners
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NFS U: LAN Mod 0.9.1 Tuesday, 16.12.2003
vdlgnome released a new version of his Tool to play Need for Speed Underground on LAN. Some bugs have been fixed, and the automatic server search has been replaced by a manual IP prompt.

» NFS 7: Tools
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NFS U: Lan Hack 0.7 Beta (Client & Server) released Sunday, 14.12.2003
vdlgnome released a betaversion of his tool, with which you can make netwrok races in your local network. Unfortunately it is still buggy and you can't race on the internet.
Download and further information here:

» NFS 7: Tools
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