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NFS C: Preview and Interview with Steve Anthony at 1UP Thursday, 31.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine 1UP wrote an interesting preview about Need for Speed Carbon. Additionally they added a gameplay video and a video-interview with Producer Steve Anthony:

» NFS C: Preview @ 1UP
» NFS C: Videos @ 1UP
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Info: EA to offer dynamic in-game advertisement (UPDATE) Thursday, 31.08.2006
EAElectronic Arts today published an interesting press release:

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced an agreement with IGA Worldwide Inc., a leading independent in-game advertising network, in a move to offer marketers new dynamic advertising possibilities in select EA franchises on a global basis. Through the agreement, a portfolio of EA games will be incorporated into IGA's network. Financial terms of today's agreement were not disclosed.

The initial EA title to incorporate dynamic in-game advertising via IGA is Battlefield 2142(TM), developed by DICE in Stockholm, Sweden. Fans of the franchise will see new, realistic brand presence integrated into contextually relevant game environments across the platforms and across the geographies where they play. At least two additional EA titles will offer dynamic ad serving capabilities through the course of the agreement with IGA.

"Consumers are increasingly gaming in deep, virtual worlds and advertisers need adapted ways to reach these audiences," said Frank Sagnier, Vice President for Online and Strategic Relationships for EA in Europe. "The agreement with IGA is a first step in a detailed strategy to deliver advertising in a seamless format. We are continually looking at how to bring more connected experiences and services to consumers, and working with a network like IGA is a start to building this dimension of our business."

"At IGA, we are establishing a global advertising network with the consumer reach to rival any cable channel, yet with the proven advantages of engagement, measurability and consistently hitting the demographic sweet spot," said Justin Townsend, CEO for IGA Worldwide. "EA's strategic commitment to the space is one that many leading advertisers have been waiting for, and no advertiser should even think about building a comprehensive marketing campaign without considering in-game advertising as a key component of their overall advertising spend."

It is not known if Need for Speed Carbon will offer this dynamic ad serving capabilities, but there should be at least two additional titles with this "feature".

As it seems Electronic Arts also signed an agreement with Massive, which will cover the upcoming Need for Speed Carbon:

The initial EA title to incorporate dynamically delivered in-game advertising via Massive is Need for Speed (TM) Carbon, the newest title from the best-selling Need For Speed franchise which was developed at EA Black Box in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fans of the franchise have seen static ads in the prior three titles and now will see both static and dynamic brand presence integrated into the game environments, across the platforms and across the geographies where they play.

The dynamic execution allows for in-game advertising elements to be updated and changed in real-time, keeping the advertising fresh and relevant for gamers. EA's development teams work closely with Massive to ensure that advertising is placed in areas that fit within the game environment. Additional EA titles will offer dynamic ad serving capabilities as a result of the strategic relationship with Massive.

» Electronic Arts
» IGA Worldwide
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NFS C: New Screenshots Thursday, 31.08.2006
NFS CWe have 10 new screenshots of Need for Speed Carbon for you.

You can find them in our screenshots-section:

» NFS C: Screenshots
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NFS C: Gameplay Video (GC) Thursday, 31.08.2006
NFS CarbonOur german affiliate NFSHQ was on the Games Convention and brought a 60 MB video of Need for Speed Carbon home:

You can see a circuit race with a Lamborghini Gallardo. Unfortunately I got confused with the Xbox360-controller and had some problems at the beginning. But at the second try it went better. To round things up, we have also a recording of how the Lamborghini runs through the whole Autosculpt-program. :)

» Download NFS C Gameplay Video @ NFSHQ
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NFS C: First soundtracks known Wednesday, 30.08.2006
NFS CarbonAs already mentioned the is a PS2 demo of Need for Speed Carbon circulating. According to a boardpost of isaactret it should contain the following tracks:

Dynamite MC - Bounce
Eagles of Death Metal - Don't Speak
Ladytron - Sugar

» NFS C: Soundtrack
» Boardpost @ EA Boards
» (Source)
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NFS C: First PSP Teaser Wednesday, 30.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe onlinemagazine IGN won't stop bringing news: they published the first teaser of Need for Speed Carbon for the PSP, which reveils some new details, as for example there will be 29 licensed cars in the game.
The PSP version will have - as its predecessors - its own subtitle. In this case: "Own the City".

» NFS C: PSP Teaser @ IGN
» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS C: New Wallpapers Wednesday, 30.08.2006
NFS CarbonCelicaMSM from Midnight Sport Machine put a lot of effort in six new wallpapers of Need for Speed Carbon.

You can find these really good works in our wallpaper-sektion:

» NFS C: Wallpaper
» MSM World (German)
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NFS C: First Impressions Wednesday, 30.08.2006
NFS CarbonSmoothie, the Community Manager from EA posted at the official boards his first impressions of Need for Speed Carbon:

I'll do my best to not sound like the "company guy", but sometimes it goes w/ the territory.

Let me say that each year, I think the team really hits a strong bar in game development and that they won't be able to surpass that the following year.

Once again, I was wrong.

NFS Carbon is shaping up to be an amazing title. The feel is very similar to NFSMW which I liked a lot, but some of the new aspects of Carbon really stand out.

First, the car list. I won't go into too many details as the 2nd list unveiling is sometime next week. But suffice to say, it's got a great mix of exotic, tuner and muscle cars. Much better than what was in NFSMW and they all handle differently. No joke. The muscle car I played with forces you to react differently than the tuner and exotic car I played with. Awesome job there. (Go Kristian!)

Second, drifting. Friggin sick! The element of speed was definitely lacking in Underground 2 and I really didn't give it much thought until playing Drift in Carbon. This is going to be a big deal for people and tie this back into car handling, you guys are going to have a big challenge on your hands.

Canyon Duel. I don't know where to start here. First, the premise is a good one. For anyone who's seen Initial D, you'll feel right at home. The idea of falling off a cliff really adds to the intensity. Speaking of intensity, the music for this mode is PERFECT. The composition really adds to the white knuckle feel of racing down the mountain trying to beat your opponent.
A fantastic job here yet again.

Autosculpt - I don't think I have the words to express how cool this feature is. The idea of being able to tweak out your car based upon your personal style is ingenious. You'll only see another car that looks like yours by design, the system is that complex. But so easy to learn and really adds to the flavor of customization. Add to that the ability to modify vinyls, it's not just a step above past NFS games, but a huge leap.

Crews & territory - Very, very cool. Team racing hasn't really been done as successfully in the past and again, a huge leap forward for that gameplay feature. I was skeptical of how this would work at first, but having played around with it, I think it's well implemented and even cooler that it's an option, not a requirement.

Online - Ohhh, I CAN'T WAIT to talk about this. Y'all are going to have to shut up thinking we didn't come out with a bang on this time.

» Thread @ EA Boards
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NFS C: Community Day Tuesday, 29.08.2006
NFS CarbonElectronic Arts invited (mostly american) webmasters of NFS- or NFS-related websites to a Community Day at EA's studios in Vancouver to play NFS Carbon and discuss about the game.

Just keep an eye on the following websites to get more information and previews about the game:

> ND4SPD World
> NFS Cars
> Racerplanet
> NFS Garage
> Xbox Evolved
> Xbox Advanced
> Game Freaks 365
> DreamStation. CC
> XGP Gaming
> Talk Xbox
> Xbox Solution
> Joystick Widow
> Xbox 365
> Pop Culture Shock

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NFS C: Demo comes end of September? Tuesday, 29.08.2006
NFS CarbonThe german magazine PCGames got word from Electronic Arts that the demo of Need for Speed Carbon will be released at the end of September / beginning of October. Inititally the 3rd September was planned, but since the NFSMW demo was released beginning November last year a new release date of beginning October sounds more plausible.

On the Games Convention EA already spread a PS2 demo, so we may can expect to find the demo in one of the next issues of the OPM2.

There is an official statement about that from Smoothie (an EA Rep) at the EA boards:

Here's the official statement. It'll be done when it's done and not before :)

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