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NFS PS: Speed-Challenge Video Tuesday, 31.07.2007
NFS ProStreet Speed-ChallengeThe last video demonstrated the impressive smoke in Need for Speed ProStreet and now a new video of the game was released on This time the game-mode Speed Challenge is shown, which takes place in the desert.

In this mode you go really fast with your car - that's the reason why there are only few curves on your track.

Download here:

As it seems this file contains only scenes from older movies. If you followed the latest movie footage from the E3, you might not discover much new in this video.

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NFS PS: New Smoke-Trailer Saturday, 28.07.2007
NFS Pro StreetThe smoke is one of the most important graphical features Need for Speed ProStreet and Electronic Arts can be proud of this nice improvement. So it's not surprising that a new trailer was released, showing this new features.

Since our downloadserver is a bit overloaded, I uploaded the file to an additional mirror server. You can find the downloadlink in our movies-section.

Download here:

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NFS PS: Interview with John Doyle Friday, 27.07.2007
NFS Pro StreetComputer- and Videogames sat down with the producer John Doyle and talked with him about the game Need for Speed ProStreet:


Can we expect any new car types in the final game?

Doyle: There are about 26 manufacturers in the game so everything from old-school American muscle to Japanese tuners and Euro high-tuned sports cars are in there.

The primary difference between the cars in this game and previous titles is that we've really reduced the number of ultra-high-end supercars in this game because they don't quite fit into the mould we're trying to build - you don't have to do anything to them, they're pretty impressive beasts.

There are some there but we've reduced the numbers to focus more on cars that you have to build up for yourself.


Could you tell us a little more about the locations in the game?

Doyle: We picked iconic locations - places that make sense to the culture. We've put in the Willow Springs Raceway (a famous racecourse in Rosamond, California). There are a whole load of tracks - probably the kind you'd typically see in a Gran Turismo or an F1 game. As the summer goes on we'll be revealing more tracks and environments.

How's the PS3 version coming along?

Doyle: It's going well. It'll be equivalent with the 360 version. We've had a team working on it to make sure the graphics are fantastic, and it'll have the same feature set as 360.

Are there any technical differences between the two versions?

Doyle: I think the differences are primarily with how we develop them, so how we develop for 360 as opposed to how we develop for PS3. I think the product you see at the end will be very similar. I can't say it'll be identical in every respect because they have different strengths but they'll be equivalent.

What strengths might they be?

Doyle: The PS3 works on a different architecture so the engineers had to take a different approach. The 360 is pretty similar to developing on the PC so it's probably easier for most developers to get up to speed on it. However, we've found that if you focus on the PS3 it's at least as powerful as or more powerful in certain areas than 360, so I think we'll be able to deliver quality games on both platforms.

You can read the complete interview at CVG:

» Interview with John Doyle @ CVG
» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS PS: 2 new Videos Thursday, 26.07.2007
NFS ProStreet TrailerThe dutch onlinemagazine uploaded two new videos of Need for Speed ProStreet. One of them was recorded at the E3 (just like the first movie) and shows a BMW M3 in a circuit race.

The second video is a new trailer, but it looks a bit incoherent so it may wasn't meant as a regular trailer, more like a presentation on the E3.

Anyway, you can watch both videos at IGTV:

» NFS PS: Gameplay-Video 2 @ IGTV
» NFS PS: Trailer @ IGTV
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NFS PS: New Gameplay-Video at Tuesday, 24.07.2007
NFSPS VideoA new gameplay-video of Need for Speed ProStreet was published at the dutch website It was recorded from a screen on the E3 Expo and show the Speed-Challenge mode you might already know from the Developer Walkthrough. Anyway, atleast you see a new crash this time and some more damage details.

You can watch the video here:

» NFS PS: Watch video @
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» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS PS: New Hands-On at IGN Sunday, 22.07.2007
NFS Pro StreetThe onlinemagazine IGN published an Hands-On article about the upcoming Need for Speed ProStreet.

In the text they criticize the handling of the cars, but this could be because they played a pre-alpha version of the game, so the handling will be improved a lot during the next weeks. On the other side, they highlighted the damage quite much - no wonder when you hear how much work EA put into this feature:

While handling was impossible to judge at this early stage, ProStreet's damage engine is undoubtedly rather impressive, having been totally overhauled for this new Need for Speed entry. "The most requested feature from fans has been realistic damage, so that was something we definitely wanted to include in this new game," explained Doyle. "Damage was a real challenge for us because there's an easy way and a hard way - and we chose the hard way. The easy way is when you just replace sections of the car with damaged sections, to mimic the effects of crashes. However, we couldn't do that because users can customise their cars a lot and we would have had to create thousands of damaged parts. So, instead we needed to create a real-time damage engine that is affected by the speed you hit an object, where you hit and how you hit it. It was a super expensive task because we had to remodel all our cars from scratch."

On the whole the article is a short overview about the game, but it doesn't contain any new information. Only the last paragraph reveils an interesting question to John Doyle, whether motorbikes could be added to the Need for Speed series, rather like in Project Gotham Racing 4. Doyle's answer is the following:

"Over the last few years we've looked at the possibility of including motorbikes but each time we've decided against. The problem we have is that Need for Speed games are meant to be fast but we don't want to see the driver getting injured in crashes. Obviously, if we had a motorcyclist it would be hard to stop him getting hurt as he flew over the handlebars during a crash. We wouldn't want to see his broken body lying on the track or anything. It would also require a totally new set of physics. I'm interested to see how the Project Gotham Racing 4 guys do it because it could be quite a dangerous experience."

You can find the complete article at IGN - or you can read our own First-Look of NFS ProStreet, to get an impression of the game:

» NFS PS: Hands-On @ IGN
» NFS PS: First Look
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NFS PS: Q&A questions answered Friday, 20.07.2007
NFS Pro StreetA month ago our affiliate NFSUnlimited sent collected questions about the upcoming Need for Speed ProStreet to the developer team. Now the answers returned and if you want to know more about damage, smoke and physics, you should take a look at their Q&A:

» NFS ProStreet Q&A @ NFSUnlimited
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NFS PS: Updates implemented Wednesday, 18.07.2007
NFS Pro StreetLast week the games press gathered around at the E3 and as you could read on NFS-Planet in the news: there is some new material of Need for Speed ProStreet. I updated some screenshots with ones in higher resolution, added 3 videos in the movie-section and created a car list, which contains all officially announced cars, which will be available in NFS ProStreet.

If you followed the news on NFS-Planet, you won't find anything new - otherwise you should take a look at the corresponding sections. ;)

» NFS PS: Screenshots
» NFS PS: Videos
» NFS PS: Wagenliste
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NFS PS: Video Interview @ GameSpot Saturday, 14.07.2007
NFS Pro StreetThe E3 is now over and finally we've got a video interview with Michael Mann, producer of Need for Speed Pro Street for you. In over twelve minutes, he explains the contents of the game to GameSpot. Some ingame scenes are also shown.

» NFS PS: Video Interview @ GameSpot
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NFS PS: New Video @ Friday, 13.07.2007
NFS Pro just posted a new developer walkthrough video, directly from the E3. Need for Speed Pro Street producer Michael Mann explains what it's all about in the game.

» NFS PS: Video @
» NFS PS: Video @ (HD Version)
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