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NFS UC: Challenge Series and Boss Car Pack available (Update) Thursday, 30.04.2009
NFS UndercoverAs recently announced the Challenge Series and the Boss Car Pack for Need for Speed Undercover was released at the Playstation 3 today. The DLCs will be available next week for PC and Xbox 360 as well.

While the Challenge Series is a free addon, the Boss Car Pack will cost $5 (400 MS Punkte) - the price in Europe is not known yet.

Read this for more information about this two DLCs for NFS Undercover:

Challenge Series:
  • Highway Wars is the ultimate fusion of Undercover’s signature Highway Battles with the adrenaline fueled competition of sprint racing. In this mode, players will race at top speeds through traffic filled highways against three AI opponents in a winner take all battle to the finish line.
  • Highway Checkpoint forces the player to push their car to the limit as they weave through traffic in an attempt to make it to the next checkpoint before time expires.
  • Players can also earn three new vehicles as they complete the Challenge Series. Each vehicle is available for use in career or online and has been specifically tuned to compete against the top cars in the game.
    • Battle Machine Mazda RX-7 will be awarded upon completion of the first 30 events.
    • Speed Machine Porsche 911 GT2 with matte black paint and custom gold liveries will be awarded after completing all 60 of the Challenge Series events.
    • Dominator Corvette Z06 is for players that dominate a minimum of 31 events.

Boss Car Pack:

This premium car pack gives players access to the entire fleet of boss cars featured in Undercover. These high performance machines are tuned for maximum performance in their appropriate tiers enabling players to compete against the fastest cars in each tier of Undercover.
  • Carmen's Shelby GT500
  • Chase’s BMW M6
  • Chau Wu’s Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG
  • G-Mac’s Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
  • Hector’s Nissan 370Z
  • Nickel’s Dodge Viper SRT10
  • Rose’s Porsche 911 GT2
  • Zack’s Volkswagen Scirocco
The price in the PSN Store Europe is EUR 4.99 for the Boss Car Bundle. The challenge series is, as mentioned earlier, for free. :)

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NFS Undercover not at the WCG 2009 Thursday, 30.04.2009
World Cyber GamesThe latest titles of the Need for Speed series were regularly among the official titles for the World Cyber Games, but this time, at the WCG 2009, this series seems to find an end. Need for Speed Undercover didn't make it on to the official list of games for the tournament - in the racing-discipline the contestants race only with Trackmania (PC) and Asphalt 4 (Mobile).

We'll see if Need for Speed Shift will be suitable for the WCG 2010.

The World Cyber Games is kind of the "olympic games" of the eSports scene, where the best players in the world compete with each other. This year's WCG 2009 takes place in Chengdu, China from November 11th to 15th.

» World Cyber Games
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NFS Shift: 2 new Screenshots Thursday, 30.04.2009
NFS ShiftTwo new screenshots of Need for Speed Shift were published on the official Need for Speed website. The pictures show a BMW M3 on Brands Hatch and a Dodge Challenger R/T on the London Circuit. You might also recognize the new Nissan 370Z.


You can find more picture in our screenshots-section:

» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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NFS Shift: Screener Videos Wednesday, 29.04.2009
NFS ShiftThe french website Jeuxvideo published two gameplay videos of Need for Speed Shift, which were recorded from the screen.

Since it's a screener, the video quality is as expected - but it still might be worth a look to get an impression of the game.

You can find the videos here:

(Thanks to Psycho90, speedking21 and aaron for the info.)

» NFS Shift Videos @ Jeuxvideos
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NFS UC: Boss Car Bundle announced Monday, 27.04.2009
NFS UndercoverAfter the recently announced » Challenge Series there will be another Add-On Pack for Need for Speed Undercover: a Boss Car Bundle!

This DLC-pack (Downloadable Content) contains 8 "boss" cars, which are tuned to their limits within their tier:

- Carmen’s Shelby GT500 – Tier 1
- Chase’s M6 – Tier 2
- Chau Wu’s CLS 63 AMG – Tier 2
- G-Mac’s Gallardo LP560-4 – Tier 1
- Hector’s 370Z (Z34) – Tier 3
- Nickel’s Viper SRT10 – Tier 1
- Rose’s 911 GT2 – Tier 1
- Zack’s Scirocco – Tier 4

NFS Undercover Boss Car Bundle

You can drive the cars in singleplayer as well as online. In contradiction to the Challenge Series this DLC won't be for free - according to our affiliate » NFSUnlimited you'll have to pay $5 to get these cars.

You can find more details about this add-on pack in this interview with Scott Nielsen at the official NFS website:

» Interview with Scott Nielsen @
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NFS Shift: Interview with Jesse Abney @ Gametrailers Monday, 27.04.2009
NFS ShiftGametrailers also could get Jesse Abney in front of their camera and asked him some questions about the upcoming Need for Speed Shift.

The most interesting part of the video is the announcement, that a demo of NFS Shift is coming this summer! As you may remember, last year EA didn't release a demo of NFS Undercover, because they wanted to concentrate on the development of the game.

You can find the video interview here:

» Interview with Jesse Abney @ Gametrailers
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NFS Shift: Hands-On at Gamespot Monday, 27.04.2009
NFS ShiftThe onlinemagazine Gamespot had the chance to get their hands on two different versions of Need for Speed Shift at a press event in San Francisco. One was a more "modern" version of a race with a McLaren F1 and the other one was old-fashioned with old 1970 Nissan Skylines, which could remind you a little bit of NFS Porsche:

So, though slick graphics were on display in both version of Need for Speed: Shift, the contrast between the two games was felt in the cars and on the road. One version of the game featured a three-lap race at Willow Springs raceway in the central California desert. Unlike such tracks as Laguna Seca and Road America, Willow Springs is a lesser-known American racing gem full of twisting turns, some high-speed corners, and fun elevation changes. The car on-hand was a race-trim McLaren F1, one of the more powerful cars in Shift, with a beastly amount of power and tight, responsive steering. Despite its power, the car wasn't a complete nightmare to handle thanks to a ton of driving assists toggled on to help contain the mighty McLaren. Traction control, braking assist, and the now-standard color-coded dynamic driving line made completing the three-lap race fairly easy, and some low-end AI racers were of very little challenge.

Compare that to the other station running the game, which featured a race full of 1970s-model Nissan Skylines running a street race in Tokyo. In contrast to the McLaren race at Willow Springs, nearly every assist seemed to be toggled off in this version of the game, resulting in a Need for Speed game that felt completely unlike any other, save maybe for the classic Porsche Unleashed. Here was a car that was slow off the line, loose in the corners, prone to drift at the drop of a hat, and completely uninterested in making up for your driving mistakes should you lose momentum through a turn. Here, too, were unforgiving and demanding race opponents, not at all afraid of bullying you in corners or ashamed of leaving you in the dust if you couldn't keep up. This was about as far from traditional rubber-band Need for Speed-style racing as can be imagined, and it felt very good, even if we did get our proverbial butts handed to us.

The article also mentions the blur-effects and the frame rate, which seems to be quite stable at 30fps.

You can read the complete article under the following link.

Additionally Gamespot made a video-interview with Jesse Abney at the EA Spring Showcase 2009. In this interview he talks about the development for PC, the career and the features, which create the driving experience in the game. Also the damage will play its role in the game and will have impact on the performance of the cars. Better see yourself:

» NFS Shift Hands-On @ Gamespot
» Interview with Jesse Abney @ Gamespot
» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS Shift: 5 new Screenshots Monday, 27.04.2009
NFS ShiftFive new screenshots of Need for Speed Shift have been released, showing new impressions of the game. You might also find some new cars, which will be included in the game:



You can find more screenshots of the game here:

» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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NFS-Planet Easter Egg Search 2009 - the Winners Sunday, 26.04.2009
Happy EasterMany people tried their luck at the NFS-Planet Easter Egg Search 2009 - those who could find at least 5 eggs automatically participated in the raffle. Unfortunately not everybody could win, but you can find the winners here:

NFS Sweater
- !Mani!
- Sniperking

EA Bag
- burgfreulein
- Neo1771991

Gaming Mouse
- Katana

Mirror's Edge Soundtrack
- Plasma
- pimpfreak
- Wecker
- playeral777
- Daniel_Knecht

EA Keychain
- SonnleitnerT
- HaLoX
- danneck
- Eexstro32
- kev312
- speedjunky
- D4rkside
- Spave
- alucardreaper
- Needer

Congratulations to all winners! Every winner is being contacted by e-mail separatly within the next days.
To all who didn't win something: good luck next time! :)

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NFS UC: Challenge Series announced! Friday, 24.04.2009
NFS UndercoverEA announced the Challenge Series for Need for Speed Undercover! The Challenge Series is an Add-On featuring 60 new events with 2 difficulty settings (Street & Pro).

You drive a series of events in 10 different game modes, including two new ones: Highway Wars and Highway Checkpoint. Additionally you can win 3 new special cars, which you can drive in singleplayer as well as online!

So, there's quite some new stuff. Better you read the interview with Undercover Producer Mark DeVellis at the official NFS website, where he explains the details of the challenge series and the new game modes.

A releasedate is not known yet, nor for which platforms this DLC is coming out.

» Interview with Marc DeVellis
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