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NFS Shift: New Videos Sunday, 27.09.2009
NFS ShiftOver the week a couple of Need for Speed Shift videos were added to our movies-section. You can find there the Ebisu Trackguide, a Car Trailer and a Driver 101, which sums up the details of racing in NFS Shift.

You can find the videos here:

» NFS Shift: Movies
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NFS Shift: Playstation 3 Patch v1.01 available Thursday, 24.09.2009
NFS ShiftToday the first patch for the Playstation 3-Version of Need for Speed Shift was released, which updates the game to version v1.01.

The update fixes the damage model in the game, which was only very rudimental at the release. Just fire up the game and you'll be asked for updating the game (when you're connected to the internet).

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Win a BMW M3 with Need for Speed Missions Wednesday, 23.09.2009
NFS ShiftEA is giving away a brand new 2010 BMW M3 via Twitter. All you have to do is to complete five daily Twitter missions. Along with the BMW M3 you also have the possibility to win other prizes like copies of Need for Speed SHIFT, an Xbox 360 and wireless racing wheel, concert tickets, and more.

The sweepstakes is only open for residents of the US. You can find more information here:

» Need for Speed M3 Missions
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NFS Shift: First Patch released Tuesday, 22.09.2009
NFS ShiftThe first patch Need for Speed Shift is released! This patch adds two new features: LAN (Local Area Network) play, enhancing the multiplayer experience and mouse support, providing full menu navigation through the game using your PC mouse. This patch is required since September 22nd 2009 for online play.

You can download the patch either from or from our download server. If you have modified the game you need to re-install the original .exe before patching.

» Download Patch at
» Download Patch at NFS-Planet
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NFS Shift: Customization Competition - Win a Console Tuesday, 22.09.2009
NFS is holding a Customization Competition, where you have the chance to win a console or your choice!

To make things easy for everyone who's just bought Need for Speed SHIFT we're setting the barrier pretty low so to take part send us your best-looking BMW 135i. To enter you must have the logo somewhere on the car: no logo; no entry. Once you're happy with the car take an in-game shot of it in action via Photo Mode, go to the MyNFS page on and download your photo and email it to me at

This competition is only open to residents of the US and Canada. You can find more information here:

» NFS Shift: Customization Competition @
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NFS Shift: Driver's Experience Videos Tuesday, 22.09.2009
NFS ShiftTwo new videos of the Need for Speed Shift Driver's Experience were released. This time the race drivers from the Driver's Experience series talk about "The Zone" and about "Risk & Consequences".

You can find the two new videos in our movies-section:

» NFS Shift: Movies
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NFS Shift: Showcase launched Friday, 18.09.2009
NFS ShiftSince Need for Speed Shift has already been released, it's about time to open our showcase! It offers you the possibility to upload pictures of your Shift cars, show them to your friends and get a rating from other site members. As usual, your entries will be unlocked by the NFS-Planet admins as soon as possible.

Have fun!

» NFS Shift Showcase
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NFS Shift: Demo released! Friday, 18.09.2009
NFS ShiftInitially the demo of Need for Speed Shift was planned for the end of September, but as it seems the demo is already available now! You can download the 1.13 GB demo under the following link, where we collected some fast download mirrors (including our server):

» Download NFS Shift Demo

We will add more download servers to the list, as soon as they go online. If you know more mirrors, or want to give feedback to the demo, feel free to post in our comments or send me a PM.

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Jesse Abney's Guide to SHIFT Settings Thursday, 17.09.2009
NFS ShiftA new article was published on explaining the controller settings in Need for Speed Shift. There you get more information on how you can set up your controller or steering wheel and what options have which affects in the game.

This article is recommended for everyone, who are not satisfied with their default settings:

» Jesse Abney's Guide to SHIFT Settings
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NFS Shift: Review Roundup (Update) Wednesday, 16.09.2009
NFS ShiftNeed for Speed Shift was released yesterday in USA and Canada, and tomorrow (September 17th) it will be in stores in Europe as well. So far the game received quite good ratings, even great compared to its predecessor NFS Undercover.

To give you an overview we collected some reviews of NFS Shift here:

» IGN90
» IGN UK87
» Official Xbox Magazine90
» Gaming Nexus100
» GameSpy100
» TeamXbox90
» Gametrailers (Video)91
» Eurogamer EN70
» ComputerAndVideogames89
» Videogamer80
» GameDaily90
» GameInformer80
» GameChronicles92

Of course we will take a closer look at NFS Shift as well and put up a review as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

Gamespot also published their Review of Need for Speed Shift, giving it a score of 7.0 / 10:

» Gamespot70

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