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NFS Nitro: Gold-Status and Soundtrack announced Monday, 19.10.2009
NFS NitroElectronic Arts announced today that Need for Speed Nitro has gone gold. So the development is finished and the game will be in stores soon. The racer for Nintendo Wii and DS will be released on November 3rd in North America and November 6th in Europe.


In contrast to Need for Speed Shift, NFS Nitro is a pure arcade racer, concentrating on fun and the unique gaming experience on the Nintendo consoles.

"Our vision was to create something unique on the Nintendo platforms," said Joe Booth, Senior Producer. "Need for Speed NITRO combines the franchise’s trademark attitude, sense of speed and addictive gameplay with the approachability and pick up and play of Nintendo."

Together with this announcement EA also announced the soundtrack of NFS Nitro. You can find the tracklist under the following link. You can hear samples of all tracks on »

» NFS Nitro: Soundtrack
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Need for Speed Community Podcast #2 Monday, 19.10.2009
NFS ShiftThe second issue of the NFS Community-Podcast is available on This time it's a video podcast, as the guys from EA added a videostream:

In this week's podcast we chat about Mike's new video competition, the Need for Speed Weekly Youtube Challenge, where you get a chance to watch the best time he sets and beat it yourself. NFSKevin, our Facebook expert, makes his podcast debut to talk all about the great things happening on the official NFS page (

You can find the second community podcast here:

» Need for Speed Community Podcast #2
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NFS WO: New Screenshots Friday, 16.10.2009
NFS World OnlineThe taiwanese website NFSPC published new screenshots of the Free2Play onlineracer Need for Speed World Online! As already seen in the Videos, the game features an open world, where you can meet other players.

NFS World Online

You can find the screenshots here:

» NFS WO: Screenshots VW Golf @ NFSPC
» NFS WO: Screenshots Menü @
» NFS WO: Screenshots-Section
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NFS WO: First gameplay videos! Friday, 16.10.2009
NFS World OnlineFor the first time we get to see some moving pictures from the upcoming online race game Need for Speed World Online: Two gameplay videos were uploaded on YouTube, both of them showing some scenes of the free roam mode.

» NFS WO: Gameplay video @ YouTube
» NFS WO: Gameplay video (cockpit) @ YouTube
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NFS Shift: Patch V1 contains D-Box Support Wednesday, 14.10.2009
NFS ShiftThe Patch V1 for Need for Speed Shift (PC), which was released a couple of weeks ago, didn't only add the LAN-mode and mouse support, but also support for the D-Box system.


If you're one of the lucky guys who owns a D-Box gaming chair should be quite happy with the patch v1.

Apart from that, a second patch for Need for Speed Shift is already in the works - expect more information about that soon.

» NFS Shift: Patch
» D-Box
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NFS Shift: Brands Hatch Trackguide Wednesday, 14.10.2009
NFS ShiftA new Trackguide of the Brands Hatch Race Track in Need for Speed Shift was released:

You can download the HD-version in our movies-section:

» NFS Shift: Movies
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Need for Speed Community Podcast Monday, 12.10.2009
NFS published its first Need for Speed Community Podcast. It is planned to create a weekly podcast, where Drew and Andrew, along with special guests, will be sitting down in the studio at EA Canada and chatting about all things Need for Speed, the community events and competitions.

You can find the first issue of the Community Podcast here:

» Need for Speed Community Podcast - The Launch Edition
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NFS Shift: Silverstone & Autopolis Trackguide Saturday, 10.10.2009
NFS ShiftTwo new trackguides for Need for Speed Shift were released to give you more information about the race tracks Silverstone and Autopolis.

You can watch the videos in our movies-section and download them in HD:

» NFS Shift: Movies
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NFS Shift: Performance Tuning Video Wednesday, 07.10.2009
NFS ShiftA new video for Need for Speed Shift was released, which shows the performance tuning in the game and gives some tips, which settings you could use. Watch it here:

You can download the HD-version in our videos-section:

» NFS Shift: Videos
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NFS Shift: Problems with ATI-graphics / Nvidia Driver Update Wednesday, 07.10.2009
NFS ShiftUnfortunately Need for Speed Shift for PC doesn't always run as smooth as you wish. Particularly owners of ATI-graphic cards complain about low framerate and other problems - with Nvidia graphic cards the game should run better.

According to Ian McNaughton from AMD the cause may be Nvidia. In a comment in the Catalyst-Blog he wrote the following:

AMD prides itself on supporting open standards and our goal is to advance PC gaming regardless whether people purchase our products.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our philosophy. Nvidia has recently sampled some newly released The Way it is Meant to be Played titles, including Batman: Arkham Asylum, to press in hopes that they would use these titles to benchmark against the HD Radeon 5870 and 5850. There are some known issues with these proprietary TWIMTBP titles.

Batman: Arkham Asylum
In this game, Nvidia has an in-game option for AA, whereas, gamers using ATI Graphics Cards are required to force AA on in the Catalyst Control Center.

The advantage of in-game AA is that the engine can run AA selectively on scenes whereas Forced AA in CCC is required to use brute force to apply AA on every scene and object, requiring much more work.

Additionally, the in-game AA option was removed when ATI cards are detected. We were able to confirm this by changing the ids of ATI graphics cards in the Batman demo. By tricking the application, we were able to get in-game AA option where our performance was significantly enhanced. This option is not available for the retail game as there is a secure rom.

To fairly benchmark this application, please turn off all AA to assess the performance of the respective graphics cards. Also, we should point out that even at 2560×1600 with 4x AA and 8x AF we are still in the highly playable territory …

Need for Speed: Shift
In another TWIMTBP title, we submitted a list of issues that we discovered during the games’ development. These issues include inefficiencies in how the game engine worked with our hardware in addition to real bugs, etc.. We have sent this list to the developer for review.

Unfortunately you will be unable to get a fair playing experience with our hardware until the developer releases a patch to address and fix our reported issues.

Resident Evil 5
AMD was unable to receive builds of this game early enough to get a chance to test and address any open issues. We will work with the developer to test and adjust any compatibility or performance issues that we encounter.

Well, as it seems we have to wait for Electronic Arts / Slightly Mad Studios to release a patch for the issues with AMD cards, since a new Catalyst driver might not be able to fix this.

Nvidia published in the meantime a new GeForce-driver 191.07, which adds a new SLI-profile for Need for Speed Shift. You can find the new driver here:

» Nvidia Driver Download
» Ian McNaughton in Catalyst-Blog
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