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NFS World Update 4.11 - 5 new Cars and "Race Now" Feature (Update) Wednesday, 29.09.2010
NFS World OnlineLast night the latest patch 4.11 was applied to the NFS World servers, which brings among other improvements 5 new cars to the game.

Additionally the patch made the following changes:

- Race Now: This new feature can be found in the center of the gadget bar and allows players to matchmaking into the next available multiplayer race from anywhere on the map.
- Tutorials: A new tutorial system has been added at Levels 1 to 3 to help players familiarize themselves with all the features of Need for Speed World.

- Additional cars have been added in-game:
- Porsche 911 Turbo
- BMW M3 E92
- BMW 135i Coupe
- Toyota Supra
- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

- Pursuit Breakers should now properly respawn after completing a pursuit
- Fixed an issue in the paint shop that occurred when undoing/resetting changes
- Fixed a race barrier that was pointing the wrong direction
- General UI improvements have been made throughout the game
- Updated the Launcher to add the Server Status on the login page

Another update has been deployed, which fixes a couple of bugs:

- Race Now has been fixed and should now be available to all players
- The BMW M3 E92 has been fixed and it should now drive correctly
- The BMW 135i Coupe’s stats and performance have been corrected to better match other Tier 2 cars
- An issue preventing some power-ups from appearing in the SpeedBoost store has been resolved

» Official NFS World Website
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NFS Hot Pursuit: Interview with Matt Webster Wednesday, 29.09.2010
NFS Hot did an interview with Matt Webster from Criterion Games, where he talks about the social aspects of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

The new Autolog-Feature will bring new elements to the game, which shifts the player away from pure multiplayer towards connected single player:

What we're most excited about is the solo connectivity, so as I'm browsing through things to play, I've always got information about what my friends have done on that event to encourage me to get involved. And when I have played the event, I'll get auto alerts on when my time has been beaten. And I think the 'Autolog Recommends' feature is going to change the way people play racing games – it's the ultimate distraction. It's like any social network, there's a relatively small chance of you being connected to Twitter or Facebook at the same time as a friend, but the constructs are there for you to be able to engage with each other as if you were there at the same time.

In the last question Matt Webster goes a little into detail with the topic "realism", where he tells the following example:

When we got all the data from McLaren for the SLR 722 we saw that the car's meant to do 209 mph. But in the game it wouldn't, it would only do 204 mph. We checked the numbers, because there's a deep physical simulation going on there; there are 20 values just for the rear wheels another 20 for the front, then there are dimensions and torque curves, all that stuff – which we do a really good job of covering up, because the game is all about having fun. But the McLaren was still only doing 204, so we started looking for physics bugs… then we realised that the rear tyres were 2mm too small. We increased the size, ran the simulation and off it went: 209 mph..

You can find the complete interview here:

» Interview with Matt Webster @

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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NFS Hot Pursuit: Map of Seacrest County Tuesday, 28.09.2010
NFS Hot PursuitA large map of the Seacrest County, the world in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was published, which shows the roads in the game. It doesn't contain any scale, but the world should be multiple times larger than the one in Burnout Paradise:

NFS Hot Pursuit Map

The presented areas Mission Beach, Fox Lair Pass, Eagle Crest and Three Points look very promising to feature a wide variation of tracks...

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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Five new cars for NFS World Tuesday, 28.09.2010
NFS World OnlineFive new cars for Need for Speed World are coming this week, according to the latest podcast on the official Need for Speed World website:

- Porsche 911 Turbo (997)
- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X
- BMW 135i
- BMW M3 E92
- Toyota Supra

Additionally Eduardo Agostini talks about the new area of the world even mentions canyons! 15 minutes to drive them all, with a meeting spot on the tops, with view over the city.
You can listen to the latest podcast here:

» Need for Speed Podcast
» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS Hot Pursuit Previews & Interview (Update) Saturday, 25.09.2010
NFS Hot PursuitNeed for Speed Hot Pursuit was recently presented to the press in London and now the first experience reports come up:

IGN wrote a » preview about NFS Hot Pursuit and seemed to quite like it:

In combining the chase-oriented thrills of the Need for Speed franchise, and the high-speed mayhem of the Burnout series, EA may have found the right balance of exciting racing-action that seems like it will please fans of both franchises. Add to this the ambitious social interactivity, the beautiful graphics engine and the strategic gameplay, and it's not hard to say that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is looking to be Criterion's most polished effort to date.

» VG247 tried and loved the game as well:

Criterion Games has taken social features, speed and carnage and crammed it into one satisfying package. This may be Need for Speed, but it’s Criterion’s Need for Speed: November 11 can’t come soon enough.

If you're interested, you should also check out this » interview at VG147 with Matt Webster from Criterion Games, who talks about the development of NFS Hot Pursuit, his "healthy paranoia" regarding competition and why a story isn't necessary in this game.

Now also Gamespot brought up its » Preview of NFS Hot Pursuit:

Hot Pursuit mode looks like a welcome return to the high-adrenaline chase feel of Need for Speed games of old, and we're keen on having more hands-on time with this fast-paced title. What's clear right now is that the game looks great, with Hot Pursuit having that same awesome sense of speed and controlled chaos that fans of Burnout Paradise will be used to.

» NFS Hot Pursuit Preview @ IGN
» NFS Hot Pursuit Preview @ VG247
» Interview with Matt Webster @ VG247
» NFS Hot Pursuit Preview @ Gamespot
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NFS Hot Pursuit Demo announced for October 26th! Friday, 24.09.2010
NFS Hot PursuitThe » recently released trailer revealed an interesting information:

On October 26th a demo of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit will be released!

NFS Hot Pursuit itself hits the stores on November 16th in North America, on November 18th in Europe.

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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NFS Hot Pursuit Most Wanted Trailer Friday, 24.09.2010
NFS Hot PursuitA new trailer of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was released, which shows new ingame scenes with a Porsche 918 Spyder being chased by the police:

You can download the Video here:

» NFS Hot Pursuit: Movies

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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EA admits mistakes in NFS development Wednesday, 22.09.2010
Electronic ArtsAccording to » CVG John Ricitello talked about the development of Need for Speed and admitted mistakes, which caused the decline in both sales and quality:

"I'll tell you a story. If you went back to when I first got into the games industry, 1997, Need For Speed was a really strong title.

"I'd come into EA just after we'd shipped a couple of relatively miserable ones. Our Need For Speed business was off... dramatically. We came up with this idea of putting a cop in the game. Suddenly this whole cat and mouse, cops and chasing thing blew the roof off."

"We had several consecutive years of growth. We reached a bit of a lull period and came up with Underground which has sort of that night-time vibe and lightning which brought it to new heights - north of 10 million units for the franchise."

"In the '04 to '07 period, we had a single studio, Black Box, up in Vancouver, building our [NFS games]. And we literally had them on a death march building for five years in a row. [They were] annual iterations, they had to put it out; no rest for the weary.

"It'd happened before - games publishers do this from time to time. We should have put them on two-year alternating cycles but we didn't. And the title declined dramatically. We started to lose people. they didn't want to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

"It was definitely our fault. Those days are gone. We're back in two studios and we've got them on bi-annual cycles. We made really great progress... with a strong entry last year, which was more of a simulation game.

"This year [with Hot Pursuit, NFS] is right back in the core action driving... it's had a two-year dev cycle... I feel great about it."

And indeed the Slightly Mad Studios made a successful relaunch of the series with Need for Speed Shift last year and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit from Criterion Games, which is being released in November 2010, appears to be a good title as well.

EA Black Box on the other hand concentrates on the long-term project Need for Speed World and develops extensions and new features for the free-to-play onlineracer.

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NFS World celebrates the Oktoberfest! Thursday, 16.09.2010
NFS World OnlineOktoberfest comes to Need for Speed World in form of a new Community Event!
Starting Saturday, September 18th the Camden boardwalk will be covered with posters of the pretzel girls, pretzel wagon smackables, giant pretzel & beer stein inflatables and ambient Oktoberfest music while driving through the area!


Additionally, fitting to the new look of Camden a new race event with the name Welcome to Oktoberfest with the will be introduced. The community event starts on Saturday, September 18th until October 2nd and you'll even have a chance to win something!


The best times in all three tiers are collected and the best driver of each tier wins a prize, sponsored by Logitech:

Tier 1: Logitech MX 518 Optical Gaming Mouse
Tier 2: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Tier 3: Logitech Driving Force GT PC Racing Wheel

You can find more information on how to participate on the official Need for Speed website:

» Oktoberfest Community-Event @
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T-Mobile is giving away a free car in NFS World Wednesday, 15.09.2010
NFS World OnlineT-Mobile and EA are giving away a free car in Need for Speed World! It's a MazdaSpeed 3 with the T-Mobile livery.

T-Mobile Mazda

All you have to do, is visiting the following promo-site and enter the code 'getconnected'. After activation you can buy the car at the car dealer for $0.
You can see more screenshots of the car on the official Need for Speed website.

» T-Mobile MazdaSpeed 3 @
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