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NFS World: Skill Mods announced Wednesday, 30.05.2012
NFS World OnlineNeed for Speed World is going to change the Driver Skill system! Instead of the existing Driver Skill Points you will receive Skill Mods, which are similar to Performance and Aftermarket parts, which can be won from events or purchased as part of packs. These Skill Mods can then be applied to a specific car for as long as the player wants it on there.


Read the following FAQ posted on to get more information about the skill mods:

Do the Skill Mods still have all the original Driver Skills that that we could use our Driver Skill Points on?
With the old Driver Skill system there were a total of 24 skills; Skill Mods will have a total of 30 skills. However, some skills have been removed – most notably the handling, acceleration and top speed skills which increased car performance in races by 20% in each category. Quality is based on a stars rating system where parts range from 1-star to 3-star (highest).

Where can I get Skill Mods?
Skill Mods can be acquired from the Lucky Draw after completing events, purchased from Card Packs using Speedboost and individually from the store in the Skill Workshop. It’s important to note that every Skill Mod can be won from Lucky Draw by completing events with the exception of Treasure Hunter and Heavy Mass which come pre-installed on specific cars.

What’s going to happen to all the Skill Points I already have?
We know that the community has put in a ton of time building up their existing Driver Skills, therefore, when the new Skill Mod feature is implemented players will receive:

- Skill Mods corresponding to your selected Driver Skills
- The number of Skill Mods will be multiplied by number of cars owned for a maximum of 125 skill mods and 50 performance parts
- Quality of the parts players will receive are 150% better than the rank of Driver Skill previously used
- For lost handling, acceleration and top speed skills, players will be given corresponding performance parts for each car tier (follows same rules as above)
- For other skills which have been retired, players will be given the Skill Mods that most closely fulfill the same purpose as the Driver Skill
- It’s important to note that players will receive Skill Mods based on the current Driver Skill points THAT HAVE BEEN USED. Therefore, if you have any driver skill points that haven’t been used, better use them quickly so you get the proper number of Skill Mod parts.

So now that I’ve got Skill Mods, how do apply them to my car(s)?
Skill Mods are similar to Performance and Aftermarket parts in that once they are installed on a specific car, that car will enjoy the benefits of those mods for as long as they are applied. Once a Skill Mod is removed that car will no longer receive its effects.

We’ve introduced a new screen into the game called the ‘Skill Workshop’; this is where you can manage your Skill Mods. You can access the Skill Workshop from the Customization menu in the Safehouse.

Skill Workshop

1. Skill Mod Inventory
This is where all your unused Skill Mods are stored. The inventory holds a maximum of 200 parts. With the implementation of the new Skill Mod system the team has also raised the Inventory limit for Performance parts to 150.

2. Skill Mod Store
Allows players to purchase 1-star versions of every Skill Mod using in-game cash.

3. Sell Skill Mod
Allows players to sell Skill Mods by dragging and dropping the part from the Inventory onto the Sell Parts area. It’s important to note that once you’ve applied a Skill mod to a car, removing it will automatically sell it. Skill Mods behave exactly like performance parts in that you cannot return them to the Inventory once applied to a car.

4. Skill Mod Effects
Displays a summary of applied Skill Mod effects, as well as previewing any pending changes.

5. Skill Mod Slots
Each car can have up to five Skill Mods applied to it by dragging and dropping the Skill Mods from the Inventory into the slots. Skill Mods can be stacked, meaning you can install multiple skills of the same type to your car at once. For example, a car can have 5x NOS Power Mods for a total combined effect. There is a limit however; each skill has its own cap and when this is reached, that skill is ‘MAXED’. Again, removing a part from a car will automatically sell it.

When is the new Skill Mods system being implemented into NFS World?
Skill Mods will be implemented during the May 30th patch.

» Introducing Skills Mods – The New Way to Customize Your Driver Skills @
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NFS Most Wanted (2) outed by E3 schedule Saturday, 26.05.2012
NFS Most WantedThe next Need for Speed may will be a successor / remake of the successful Need for Speed Most Wanted! According to a booth schedule sent out by Twitch TV, EA is showing off Need for Speed: Most Wanted at E3, together with its new Battlefield 3 DLC.

There a no details known yet, but we can expect more information at EA's press conference on Monday, June 4th.

The original NFS Most Wanted was released in 2005 and was recently in the media again with the » port of the PS2 version to the Playstation 3.

(Thanks to John for the info.)

» IGN (Source)
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NFS Movie: Scott Waugh as Director Thursday, 24.05.2012
NFS The RunAccording to Variety Scott Waugh is in negotiations with DreamWorks to take the steering wheel of the Need for Speed Movie. Waugh is currently quite successful as the co-director in "Act of Valor".

The Need for Speed Movie came up last month, developed together by George and John Gatins. George Gatins wrote the script and John Gatins will produce with EA. In the following bidding war DreamWorks could secure the package and wants to develop "Need for Speed" as a competition to Universal's "Fast and Furious" franchise.

» Variety (Source)

» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
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NFS Most Wanted (PS2) on Playstation 3 Thursday, 24.05.2012
NFS Most WantedAlready in February the classic Playstation 2 version of Need for Speed Most was made available on the Playstation 3. (we » reported about this)

In a recent » announcement the classic NFS Most Wanted (PS2) is again available at the PSN Store - so if you want to revive the old days, you should grab a copy. Initially the game was released in 2005 only on PC, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Playstation 2!

The price for the PS3 port is $9.99 with a filesize of 3.48 GB. Please note that this is the classic PS2 version, which was ported to the PS3 and still contains the graphics from the old days. ;)

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NFS World: Porsche Boxster Spyder Thursday, 10.05.2012
NFS World OnlineNeed for Speed World got its first Roadster - the Porsche Boxster Spyder!

Porsche Boxster Spyder

The lightest model in the entire Porsche range, the Boxster Spyder 6-cylinder engine outputs 320hp, 10hp more than the Boxster S. It also offers firmer suspension and a lower centre of gravity than other Boxster models, making this Spyder supremely agile.

With its sleek silhouette and 2 signature hump running along the back, it looks as good as it drives! Get behind the wheel of this fast and powerful sportscar today!

Additionally, the Nissan 350Z (z33) Underground 2 Edition (first introduced last February) has returned to NFS World and is available as well at the car dealer!

» Official NFS World Website
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New Need for Speed planned for 2012 Tuesday, 08.05.2012
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts announced during a financial call today that a new Need for Speed and Dead Space is in the works for the coming financial year, ending March 31, 2013.

According to Joystiq a new Need for Speed is listed in EA's financial results slideshow scheduled for Q3 of FY 2013, which places it around October 2012.

We will see...

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NFS World: Lotus Europa S Friday, 04.05.2012
NFS World OnlineThis week's update for Need for Speed World introduces the new Lotus Europa S!

Lotus Europa

Coming in at 995kg, this lightweight Lotus Europa S delivers high levels of performance and refinement. The 2.0L turbo engine revs at 5400rpm, giving this mid-engine coupe “supercar” levels of acceleration. With its extruded and bonded aluminum chassis, complete with composite body panels, the Europa is one spectacular sportscar!

Now available at the Car Dealer in NFS World.

» Official Website of NFS World
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