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Need for Speed Series from Ghost Games Friday, 30.08.2013
Ghost GamesThe Need for Speed brand needs consistency and the last years it was a bit confusing as every NFS came from a different development studio, missing a clear line.

Marcus Nilsson talked with and announced that Ghost Games wants to take over the series Need for Speed Rivals. He believes "Need For Speed needs continuity", and that EA is "now thinking about the brand as Ghost owns it".

When you go from a Shift experience to The Run experience to a Hot Pursuit experience, then the brand loses credibility and the gamer should know what he can expect. Ghost Games wants to re-establish that credibility and has the best prerequisites. They develop with the Frostbite 3 engine and want to for a consistend Need for Speed experience with pursuits, online open worlds and a narrative forming.

Criterion ist still involved in the development of NFS Rivals, but how long remains to be seen. Asked whether future games in the series would alternate between Ghost and Criterion year-on-year, Nilsson replied: "No, you're not going to see that." He also suggested that Ghost could make a sequel to Need For Speed: Underground if there was enough demand.

Seems like interesting times for Need for Speed.

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NFS Rivals: Progression and Scoring Mechanics Thursday, 29.08.2013
NFS RivalsJames Mouat talks about the progression and scoring mechanics in Need for Speed Rivals on the official website.

It was important to the development team to present the player lots of content and let them choose their career path. Whether you prefer testing your driving skills, racing and competition or following the spirit of "seek and destroy" - you can follow your goals and your own unique career path.
With AllDrive the worlds of single- and multiplayer merge and the developers had to rethink how to deliver a single-player style narrative progression experience in a multiplayer world where players of all levels of skill and progression could be interacting.

During the game players can collect so-called Speed Points (SP). You can earn SP by building a multiplier each time you leave your hideout and begin driving. The bigger your multiplier, the more SP you earn for every action you take in the game. The riskier the action, the faster you will build up your multiplier. Once you return to your hideout, you can "bank" your SP earned in that session and the multiplier will reset back to 1x.
If you get caught by the police, you will lose all your collected SP, which couldn't get "banked".
This means if you play as a cop, you can try to stop the racers and take away their SP!

You can find more details about the Progression and Scoring Mechanics in Need for Speed Rivals here:

» Progression and Scoring Mechanics
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NFS Rivals: Framerate with 30 fps Friday, 23.08.2013
NFS RivalsNeed for Speed Rivals will run with "only" 30 frames per second, instead of 60 fps. This is due to the AllDrive feature. With AllDrive multiple players can meet in the open world and bump into each other whether they're completing Assignments as a cop, Speed Lists as a Racer, or just exploring.

"It is a choice we made to be able to push what we believe is really important for our typical gamer: get a lot of things happening on the screen at the same time," meint Nilsson im Interview.

"Anything can happen in AllDrive. That's the key innovation with this game. You don't have single-player, co-op or multiplayer. It just happens seamlessly."

"I could be playing the game, setting a time, and all of a sudden you could come into that world, and you could be carrying AI, I could be carrying AI, and all of a sudden, on that screen, there are a lot of cars. We always have to budget for the worst case scenario."

"So in this case we've prioritised the gameplay, because we think 30fps is giving a satisfactory experience"

On current consoles up to 6 players will be able to be in the same city, but this may change before release. On PC and next-gen consoles it might may be possible to increase the multiplayer count.

"Since we discovered AllDrive, we've never gone for 24 or 36 players, because it doesn't make sense. It just becomes chaos. You've seen how online racing games behave, right? Unless you're number one, it's boring. This way you can all have fun playing together but fulfilling your own objectives."

You can find the complete interview with Marcus Nilsson here:

» Why Need for Speed: Rivals runs at 30 frames per second @ Eurogamer

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EA Gamescom TV Friday, 23.08.2013
NFS RivalsEA is fully dedicated to the current Gamescom in Cologne, Germany and streams live from the gaming exhibition, presenting their upcoming games. You can find a video of the following interview with Jamie Keen, Senior Producer of Need for Speed Rivals:

During the exhibition you can watch EA's livestream - for today 6:15 pm GTM+2 a Need for Speed Rivals session is planned, as you can see in the schedule:

EA Live auf der gamescom 2013

» EA @ gamescom 2013
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NFS Rivals: Undercover Cop (Trailer) Wednesday, 21.08.2013
NFS RivalsElectronic Arts released a new trailer of Need for Speed Rivals, presenting the Undercover Cop and giving more impressions of the game:

» NFS Rivals: Movies
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NFS Rivals: Gamescom EA Press Conference Tuesday, 20.08.2013
NFS RivalsThis week Gamescom will open its doors, Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment in Cologne, Germany. Today EA will host a press conference, presenting the latest games, with among them Need for Speed Rivals!

You can watch the press conference in the livestream here - start is on August 20th, 16:00pm GMT+2:

» EA @ Gamescom 2013
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NFS Rivals: Personalization Thursday, 15.08.2013
NFS RivalsJames Mouat, Lead Designer at Need for Speed Rivals announced on the official Need for Speed Website information about the personalization possibilities. Withh the AllDrive-Feature you routinely encounter your friends on the open roads and of course you will want to show off your vehicles and driving skills.

NFS Rivals Screenshot #1   NFS Rivals Screenshot #2   NFS Rivals Screenshot #3

NFS Rivals Screenshot #4   NFS Rivals Screenshot #5   NFS Rivals Screenshot #6

Members of the Redview County Police Force (RCPF), where players can work through the ranks, will be offered a different take on what personalization means to an officer. Cop cars should be uniform and cannot sport all sorts of wild colors and styles.
Instead, depending on how you choose to play, you will unlock different versions of each car: Patrol, Enforcer or a third class, which will be unveiled next week at EA's press conference at Gamescom on August 20, 5pm GMT+2.

The standard issue is the Patrol car, which will be the easiest to unlock and offer a general performance in all areas, with a standard RCPD livery. Enforcer cars offer a reinforced construction, allowing them to deal the most damage in car-to-car combat situations and will have a more elite styled RCPD livery to reflect their special status.

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NFS Rivals: Differences in Next-Gen Versions Saturday, 03.08.2013
NFS RivalsNeed for Speed Rivals will be released this fall on all current platforms, but in the background EA's studio Ghost Games is also working on releases for the next-gen consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

As Creative Director Craig Sullivan mentioned in an interview with Digitalspy, there won't be any major differences between the versions for current- and next-gen consoles:

Are there any differences between current and next-gen versions of Need for Speed Rivals?

"Visuals, maybe the amount of players, maybe not. Technically we can do a lot of players, but it's just easier to do with more horsepower on next-gen machines. [...]
But between the visuals, the video sharing, there will be other little bits and pieces that we can't talk about yet, and maybe the amount of players. But ultimately the games will be the same, it's just there will be slight tweaks and modifications for the next-gen versions."

You can find the complete interview here:

» Interview with Craig Sullivan @ Digitalspy
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