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Intern: Database problems Sunday, 29.09.2002
Finally the servermove must come to an end today, and at the moment the site is up and runnig. (But for how long?)
If you receive errors like "Too many connections", just press the Refresh button after some time, and then the site should load normally.
We hope the problems will be solved soon, please be patient...

The next updates are coming next week, because of the servermove...

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Intern: Servermove Friday, 27.09.2002
Today and the following days we move to another server. There may be short downtimes during the weekend.
On Monday and Turesday the downloadserver follows.
We apologise any inconvenience, please be patient...

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NFS 6: Singleplayer Demo is coming! Thursday, 26.09.2002
Electronic Arts announced recently, that the demoversion for the PC will be released on October 2nd. It will be a singleplayer demo, with the track "Calypso Coast", and you will be able to drive two cars: the Lamborghini Murciélago and the Ferrari Barchetta Pinifarina.
The demoversion will be downloadable on the official Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Website.

» Official Need for Speed Website
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NFS 6: More Answers Wednesday, 25.09.2002
Skynner stays in the official Need for Speed hot Pursuit 2 Boards and takes stand on some points:

Spice Strips: There was a rumour that there won't be any spice strips in the game, but Skynner meant that they were part of the roadblock.

Spike Strip Clarification - Yes, the roadblock option you see in the screenshot is what you use to call for a spike's a part of the roadblock.

Editing: Again, is it possible for you to use something like this (Maya Personal Edition) to create car models...yes it likely would be. But what kind of position that puts us in legally, I don't know. I will pass on the fact that you guys are dying to be able to edit the PC version, and I will present the case to the folks with the stroke around here.

Additionally he mentions that EA still uses the same FSH format, so texture editing still would be possible as in NFS Porsche:

Now good news for you skin-makers out there is that for the PC version, we are still using the good old FSH format to compress and archive our skin files, so I'm sure those of you out there that already have experience doing skins for MCO or previous NFS games should continue to be able to edit car skins.

Wheather effects/Dashes:
The PS2 version has dashes for the Ferraris, not all cars, and not all tracks have alternate weather. There is no night racing on any of the platforms.

That there will not be any night races is in my opinion a big mistake, because many users, including me, liked the night races very much.

Because there won't be any dashes in NFS HP 2, some users offered to send EA their work, to put it in the game. The answer is the following:

While it's possible we could take a page out of Motor City's book and hold contests for car-building, with the winner's car being turned into a downloadable car, there is work involved in supporting such a venture. It's an interesting idea, and something I will also make note of for when I discuss editing HP2 with our team here.

NFS HP 2 Gold:
PC has not gone gold, or we would have announced that as well. We are close, and the work we are doing is to make sure multiplayer is stable and fun, as well as squashing any last minute bugs.

Each track environment does have a different feel, from overcast to bright sunny days, from lush green forest to dry mediterranean scrub and high mountains. There are 4 environments in Xbox, PC and Gamecube and5 on PS2. Within each environment are 3 tracks, and most of them are on the long side.

In the end Skynner also mentioned the following:
[...]I know it's the first NFS product to be released in some time, but I would doubt very heavily that it will be the last! :-) I really think it's every bit as exciting to play as any of the previous games, and even if it doesn't have as much depth as some of seem to have been hoping for, I hope you can find the pure experience to be as thrilling as you remember.

I hope he'd be right...

» EA Board Thread
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NFS 6: About Releasedates and Editing Monday, 23.09.2002
To continure what we reported yesterday, mmedina932/Skynner answered again some questions:

Releasedate: Because of the new information of the not contained dash and wheather effects many users wanted to release the game later, but therefore including these features. But a later releasdate means more costs..

Extending the release date - BigBen makes great points on this. Even if we do that, then three weeks from now people will say to us "extend the date again so we can have feature X and Y too". At some point you have to stop development and send the game to the retailers! There will always be complaints about this issue...those who want more features yell for pushing back dates, but if we do that then the other critics will yell that we are delaying the game. Also consider that we have to think about how much money we stand to gain or lose based on shipping the game on a certain date. It DOES make a difference!

Editing: He says EA never intended to make editing possible, that was all the community...and may we can do it also with NFS HP 2!

Editable Files Follow-up - I didn't rule it out (Never say never!), I just didn't want anyone to have the impression that you would be able to do anything to it easily or quickly. The nature of the PC is such that editing game assets CAN be done but it's not something that we intend to provide support or development tools for, and I don't believe we ever have...with the exception of Motor City. Need for Speed has only been editable because YOU guys have made it so.

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NFS 6: Again new Screenshots Monday, 23.09.2002
Although the game is not released yet there are quite many screenshots. Our archive contains at the moment more than 500 screenshots of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2.
Recently added 7 more screens, which show the spikestrips of the police, which may be only available in the Playstation 2 Version, because in the Gamecube Prealpha Version, tested by ND4SPDWord, there were no spikestrips.

» NFS 6: Screenshots (PS 2)<br>
» Race-Zone (Source)
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NFS 6: EA Rep in the official boards Monday, 23.09.2002
As you may have noticed, in the official Need for Speed forum there is an EA Represantative, who also works on NFS HP 2 and he tries to - as long as he could - answer the questions of the community. At this there are some striking points:
  • Editing: That's not to say it can't be modified...but it's not something that is easy as it once was, because of the complexity of applications like Maya and Max. It's a blessing when we are able to use JUST those high-end tools, because it puts a great deal of power in the artist's hands to create great content. The trade off is that you make it difficult, if not impossible, to put that same power into the modding community's hands.

    A answer on this by PygmySrfr is still missing:
    Epic is shipping a special version of Maya with Unreal Tournament 2003, as well as a special plugin for Maya to provide seamless integration with the other editing tools available for the game.
    Such tools are available to some users (I think Maya offers a free Personal Edition download on their website). So, as long as the specs, etc. are available for the modding community, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

  • Dash: Unfortunately there will be no dash or cockpit view, just the bumper view.

    Sorry this might disappoint some of you, but no there is no cockpit view. There is always bumper cam, which is a first person (sort of) camera.

  • Weathereffects: In Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 there won't be any wheather effects nor time. You drive all tracks every time with the same environment, similar to NFS Porsche.

    Weather and Time of Day - Sadly this did not make the cut.

  • Screenshots:

    Well, keep in mind that screenshots are reduced in size and quality for fast loading times on the Internet, and in many cases don't represent the overall quality of the final product. I'm not sure what screenshots you refer to specifically, but I don't think anything I've seen in screenshots of our game (all versions) really does justice to the way our cars, tracks and effects look.

» EA Board Thread #1
» EA Board Thread #2
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NFS 6: Many new Screenshots Sunday, 22.09.2002
The french onlinemagazine Playscope published 61 new screenshots of the Playstation 2 version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2.
Most of them show a pursuit with the Lamborghini Murcielago, but naturally there are also other sportscars.
The new screenshots you can find here, on the pages 1 - 4 in our archive:

» NFS 6: Screenshots<br>
» Playscope (Source)
» (Source)
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NFS 6: New Screenshots Sunday, 22.09.2002
Gamespy published together with the gold news of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 some screenshots and a list of the contained cars. The cars are the same as we already have in our carlist, bit I added the screenshots to our archive:

» NFS 6: Screenshots
» NFS 6: Carliste<br>
» GameSpyDaily (Source)
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NFS 6 gone GOLD!!! Saturday, 21.09.2002
Today Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 went officially GOLD, which means that it is completed and ready for release!
Until now the releasedate was the 24th October (25th October in Europe), but as our hoster writes, the PC Version should be released on October 21st, and the console versions even sooner, on October 1st!!!
I am going to enquire about that.

» (German) (Source)
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