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Quiz Challenge 2008 - The Winners Thursday, 26.06.2008
NFS ProStreet FloorstickerA few days ago the NFS-Planet Quiz Challenge 2008 ended. Although it was only online for one week, there were many participants. As it turned out, the questions weren't too easy, because there were quite some people who struggled with some questions. ;)

Anyhow, the prizes are drawn amongst all participants, who could give all right answers. If you are one of the lucky winners, you can see here:

NFS ProStreet Floorsticker
- chrisi
- Final Fanttassy
- blizzark

NFS ProStreet Jacket
- Berxnes

NFS Carbon T-Shirt
- Albtraum205
- RevolutionCHX
- bobbel
- McMomby

EA Keychain
- dominik94
- RoddyPeters
- xturbo
- shadowkhas
- JacktheFlipper
- Winky4
- Gr3g
- TheGreekRacer
- L0u!Gy
- Razerz

Congratulations to all winners!

The winners will be contacted within the next few days by e-mail. Please make sure you've saved your full name and postal address in your NFS-Planet profile, because otherwise we won't be able to send you your prize.

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NFS UC: Weird rumours - fake! Wednesday, 25.06.2008
As we already reported, the new NFS will carry the name Need for Speed: Undercover. Our affiliate received a flyer of the upcoming E3 expo, with some rumours of NFS Undercover. Although the picture looks quite official, the information can be doubted, since it sounds more like a mixup of Burnout and GTA than Need for Speed:

- 13 car brands and 3 motor brands
- new prize system of getting cars (non-buy)
- detailed non-switched off damage model
- fully arcade physics engine
- 3D smoke technology
- improved graphics engine
- Undercover-Mode offering to carry out time-trial missions with ability to use weapon
- possibility to improving the hero (increase health points, reaction etc)
- night street racing cups
- racing stadium allowing to show improbable tricks in air and get points
- available on Xbox360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP and DS

Sounds weird? It is. Weapons in Need for Speed? Stunts in a stadium? Heros? Motorcycles? Ok, Motorcycles sound a little bit plausible, but the rest seems to be very fictional. Even the grammar in this flyer doesn't look very official, so don't take it at face value. An official announcement from Electronic Arts is still missing, but we will keep you informed.

As presumed, we got confirmation that this flyer is definitely a fake. For more information about the game we will have to wait for the official announcement from EA.

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Quiz Challenge - last chance! Sunday, 22.06.2008
NFS ProStreet FloorstickerThe NFS-Planet Quiz Challenge ends today. so you have only this sunday left to participate at the raffle, where you can win the following prizes:

  • 3x NFS ProStreet Floorsticker
  • 1x NFS ProStreet Jacket
  • 5x NFS Carbon T-Shirts
  • 10x EA Key Chains

Please note that the Quiz Challenge ends today at midnight GMT+1.
You can find more information here:

» Quiz Challenge 2008
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Next NFS will be NFS: Undercover! (Update) Wednesday, 18.06.2008
Electronic ArtsEA's Chef John Ricitello reveiled some details of the next Need for Speed at the William Blair & Company's annual growth stock conference: The game is called Need for Speed: Undercover and has a very strong mission structure, similar to "The Transporter". Additionally it has a huge embedded storyline, so it gets a narrative touch.

Since Ricitello was pretty disappointed with NFS ProStreet, we can hope that EA will learn from its mistakes. According to Ricitello the Need for Speed Dev-Team in Vancouver had been working for eight consecutive years on a 12 month development cycle. Last summer the team was split and now there are two teams on a 24 month cycle. Unfortunately NFS:Undercover will be only 16 months development time, but the next year's NFS will be a full two-year development cycle.

"We were torturing a very talented group of people up in Vancouver, which makes it harder to be as innovative every year. So, I think we are going to get better from here.

"I'm confident that Undercover is a much better game than Pro Street, and I expect that from this point forward they will do a lot better."

So, we will see what we can expect from NFS: Undercover. Maybe this name is only a working title, but the mission-based gameplay sounds quite promising. Already in Need for Speed Porsche you had to solve missions as the Porsche test driver, which kept you on the road. I think NFS: Undercover could be quite fun, if you have to achieve missions and get a good story behind it. :)

Electronic Arts just confirmed that Need for Speed: Undercover will be the title for the next Need for Speed, as well as there has been restructuring of the dev teams. Stay tuned for more...

» (Source)
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NFS-Planet Quiz Challenge 2008 Sunday, 15.06.2008
NFS ProStreet FloorstickerNFS-Planet starts again a Quiz Challenge! Test your knowledge of Need for Speed! We ask you some simple questions about the Need for Speed series and when you give the right answers, you have the chance to win one of the following prizes!

  • 3x NFS ProStreet Floorsticker
  • 1x NFS ProStreet Jacket
  • 5x NFS Carbon T-Shirts
  • 10x EA Key Chains

The Quiz Challenge is open from 2008-06-15 until 2008-06-22. Everyone who gave the right answers automatically participates in the raffle. The winners will be notified by e-mail.

Use the following link to participate at the NFS-Planet Quiz Challenge 2008!

» Quiz Challenge 2008
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Rumour: Christina Milian in the next NFS? Friday, 13.06.2008
Christina MilianThe official announcement of the next Need for Speed game is still missing on the part of Electronic Arts, but after rumours about the Highway-Battle mode something new comes up: actress and musician Christina Milian may will be part of the next NFS!

Supposedly she made a "Mini-Movie" for EA's next Need for Speed game. It's not clear yet, which role she'll be playing in the game, but on the right sinde you see a picture which could be taken at this shooting.

Christina Milian is 26 years old and known from movies like Love Don't Cost A Thing, Man Of The House and Be Cool, as well as several TV-series. In her music career she made 4 albums and 9 singles. We will see how she will perform in the videogame sector and in which form she will appear in the Need for Speed game.

Here you see some more impressions of Christina Milian:

Christina Milian #1   Christina Milian #2   Christina Milian #3

Christina Milian #4

» Christina Milian @ IMDb
» Official website of Christina Milian
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NFS PS: Community Race Days Thursday, 12.06.2008
NFS Pro StreetThe Community Race Days for Need for Speed ProStreet are back, starting this weekend! The official Race Days will be held every two weeks, with the possibility to get the Xbox360 achievement.

The current dates are as followed:

14th June
28th June
12th July
26th July
9th August
23rd August
6th September
20th September
4th October
18th October
1st November
15th November
29th November
12th December
26th December

You can find the Race Days under the following link. Signup will be enabled on 06/14/2008.

» NFS ProStreet Race Days
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EA: In-Game advertising with IGA Worldwide Friday, 06.06.2008
Electronic ArtsRecently Sony opened its Playstation 3 platform for in-game advertising and product placement in games for the Playstation 3. Sony selected IGA Worldwide as PS3's first partner, who will manage the advertisements in PS3 games for America and Europe.

On the same day Electronic Arts announced a two-year agreement with IGA Worldwide, to place advertising in its PS3 games.

This agreement provides marketers the ability to plan and quickly execute highly strategic campaigns targeted toward the coveted demographic -- males 18-34 -- through EA's blockbuster catalogue of titles. The advertisements are integrated within the gaming environment in order to deliver a seamless and more authentic game environment. EA has worked with IGA on various projects to date, and this agreement builds on that successful partnership.

Under the agreement, IGA will exclusively manage dynamic in-game advertising within EA's portfolio of PS3 titles including popular EA SPORTS(TM) franchises Madden NFL football, NBA LIVE basketball, NASCAR(R) racing and NHL(R) hockey. IGA will also have access to EA's popular racing franchises Need for Speed(TM) and Burnout(TM).

Recently Massive Advertising published a case study, which confirms the effectivity of advertising in games. Most Gamers see In-Game Advertising as an increase in realism, "cool"-looking and fitting in the game.

» Electronic Arts
» IGA Worldwide
» Massive Advertising
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NFS 5: BMW Most Wanted M3 GTR Monday, 02.06.2008
Since there isn't much news about Need for Speed, we harken back to the old games. Owl designed a BMW Most Wanted M3 GTR for Need for Speed Porsche Unleased!

Although Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed is already 8 years old, it still counts as the one of the best games. The BMW M3 GTR is the typical BMW M3 from NFS Most Wanted. You can download the car in our download-section:

» NFS 5: Addon-Cars
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Battle Machine 240SX Challenge Sunday, 01.06.2008
NFS Pro StreetBattleMachine startet a new Race Day for Need for Speed ProStreet, which is running until June 2nd:

The second Battle Machine race day event sponsored by and and presented by is now underway! This time you'll be required to push the Nissan 240SX (S13) to the very edge at the Portland International Raceway!

There are five multi-disciplinary races in this one and just like before only scores using the Nissan 240SX (S13) will be accepted. The winner will be calculated using individual event scores not the overall score to enforce the use of the Nissan 240SX (S13) vehicle.

To participate click on the following link and sign up for the Race Day by using the "Join"-Button. (Note: You have to be logged in with your EA Nation Account!)
Then your Race Day is being sent into your Inbox in Need for Speed ProStreet.

Have fun!

» Battle Machine 240SX Challenge
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