Firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT)

- Only Advanced users will be able to run Servers from behind a firewall or with NAT. Running a server behind a firewall without NAT will require ports to be opened. Running a server from behind a firewall with NAT will require port forwarding. Some NAT products will allow you to set up a De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) where you can host Servers. Refer to your product manual on how to set this up and the risks involved.

- If you are protected by a firewall, and are not sure whether it uses NAT, you can determine this by comparing your local and external IP addresses. If they are different, then you have a NAT firewall, and you will not be able to run a Server over the internet without a DMZ or port forwarding.

- A simple way to determine your local IP address is to use the "ipconfig" command from a command prompt. You can also determine your external IP address here:
    Your IP-address:

- The following ports are used by the game:
          TCP 80, 8511, 28900
          UDP 1230, 8512, 27900, 61220 through 61230

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